Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Reflection on equality

Hi there beautiful people, 
I stumbled upon these incredible videos on Youtube, and I recommend anyone and everyone watch at least one of them. I have seen eight or nine of them and I want to watch them all. I am sure plenty of you just clicked on that link and are now thinking something along the lines of, "Oh God, she's another feminist." I am not a feminist, nor am I a massive supporter for male equality, I just generally believe everything in this world, the 21st century, is judged so harshly. Social media dictates how everyone should look, the clothing we should all wear, that we should all be super skinny, covered in layers of makeup, edited, photoshopped, and changed and criticized to the point that we are no longer us, and we have become what the media wants us to be. 
Somehow, media publicizes that everyone is equal and should not be judged, and then the same people turn around and tell everyone that you are a freak if you aren't the right body size and shape, if your hair is too different, if you don't wear the most "fashionable" clothing, and an overwhelming multitude of other ridiculous things. How in the world are we supposed to raise children in a world in which we encourage everyone to be an individual by conforming to societally acceptable standards?
I simply don't understand how, or why, people find it okay to create a
standard of excellence, or intelligence, or beauty in a world that everyone, who is not completely and utterly ignorant, is aware that no two people are exactly the same. Why not judge everyone based on personal achievement and development and skill instead of judging each individual on the basis of what other people, that may be similar in some way, have accomplished.
I find that it is going to be incredibly difficult for anyone in this 21st century to overcome
challenges and create any sort of real, massive change with incredible impact until everyone, or at least a large chunk of the population, starts to act out for what they believe in. People need to stand up and really push their beliefs and what they care about and put into action all of the beautiful, poetic words that are created.
We always say,"Be the change you want to see in the world," but only an insignificant amount of the population does this.
If it makes you sick to understand where meat comes from and how these animals are raised and killed, stop eating this meat and tell everyone about it. If you love plants and you want to make your own garden, do it. If you think you are super weird because you don't have many friends like yourself (especially if you are at a young age, or a teenager) do not worry, I promise you that there are many other people in the world who are very similar to you. You have just got to put that book down for one minute and go try and find some of them, but certainly pick the book back up once you return home. If you want to be better to the environment, drive less, walk more, carpool, plant trees, protest (kindly) when people try and destroy the environment.
This era of technology has enabled so much productivity and such a fast-paced world, we often forget to stop and slow down sometimes and simply go outside for a walk and appreciate the place where we truly live. Sure, creating your own ideal world in the internet is fabulous, but it is fake and we honestly live in a magnificently beautiful place that is being destroyed because our culture has raised human beings who are too afraid to actually speak, outloud, what they feel and think, and instead only know how to communicate it through the internet (I am sure this is somewhat hypocritical, but stick with me on this).
Simply turn off your electronics for 10 minutes, or an hour, or a day, or a week, and see how you feel then. I am sure you will learn more about yourself, about the world, and about everything around you. You may even realize that there really is no being created on this Earth that is a higher power, there is no human being that deserves something that others do not. Every person can speak his or her her or his mind (You see I just typed that and his came before her, then I changed it to the opposite. Society has taught us to do this also, always placing the masculine before the feminine.) and should be able to do such without being criticized by others, at a later time, who also just so happen to be speaking their own minds.
Be yourself, always, never let anyone or anything try and change that because at the end of the day, you are really the only thing you can count on (even though most people have something else they count on, which is super awesome). Try this for one day. Shut off your electronics. Go for a long walk. Walk to your local plant nursery, spend $2 on a packet of seeds, plant them somewhere that you can tend to, and watch magic happen before your very eyes.
Life is an incredibly fragile thing, go out there and embrace the crap out of it.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Recipies: Chocolate & PB no-bake cookies

Hey lovely people, 
I have to admit, these really are not anything to call healthy. My diet is a very healthy thing, but sometimes making a sweet treat is just what a person needs. I love that you do not have to heat up the house by using the oven for this recipe, and it only takes about ten minutes total to prepare, cook, and clean up this recipe. Let's get started! 

Ingredients: cocoa powder, fat free milk, sugar (I used white sugar in this recipe, which I never do, but it was the only sugar we had around the house.), one stick of butter, vanilla extract, uncooked plain oats, and peanut butter. 

Place 2 cups of sugar, one stick of butter, 1/2 cup of milk, and 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder into a medium-size saucepan. It works best if you leave your butter on the counter for an hour before making this recipe, so the butter is soft and can melt quickly. Once you get all of these bits into the pan, stir them together with a wooden spoon, and wait. 
The sugar will begin to melt and turn a more liquid consistency. When this happens, all of the ingredients begin to mix together and the mix will begin to bubble. Slowly stir this for 3-4 minutes, or until it looks well combined and is bubbling. 

After you get those ingredients into the pan and you are waiting for them to get warm, you can throw these parts into a big mixing bowl. Place 3 cups oats, 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, and 1/4 cup peanut butter into a large mixing bowl. I recommend that you use some sort of ceramic bowl, or another heat-resistant bowl. I use metal just because we have giant metal mixing bowls, but you are going to have to mix everything together when the liquids are very hot, and if you (or someone else) accidentally touch the bowl, it is very painful. 

This is what the liquid mixture should look like right when it is finishing up. Once you reach this point, you need to remove the pan from the heat, turn the heat off, and remove your wooden spoon from the liquid. Take this mixture and pour it on top of the dry ingredients. 

Stir everything together until all of the oats have been coated with the liquids, and the peanut butter has been evenly incorporated into the mix. Once you do this, you need a teaspoon, or a larger spoon depending on the size of cookie you would like to produce. This works best when the mixture is still rather hot, or at least very warm, so work quickly. 

Lay 3-4 pieces of parchment paper, wax paper, or tin foil on the counter, Use your spoon of the preferred size to spoon the amount out onto your surface. You can use two spoons and push the batter down onto the counter, or you can just use one of your (clean) fingers. After this, just let your cookies cool down for about 20-30 minutes. Once they are ready to be eaten, you should be able to pick one up and it should feel solid and cooled off. 

Here is the final product. I hope you all enjoyed this recipe. Leave a comment below and feel free to send me pictures of your creations! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Feeling Pensive and reflective

Hello beautiful people, 
the past few months of my life have been a wild roller coaster of madness. I have experienced so very many things I never thought a person my age should have to experience, but I have. My family members have always said I act much too mature for my age. To steal a quote from my mother, "You're like a 70 year-old woman!" I just so happen to seem to be stuck in the body of a 17 year-old. coming across such experiences have been an incredible learning experience and really enabled me to find myself and develop my person a lot within the past year. 
I began my senior year of high school two months ago, bringing yet another segment of my life to a close. Although every day, I am counting down the days until graduation in May and always getting more excited, it is sad to think that I will be leaving. I will leave grade school. I will leave behind my house. I will leave my parents and the family that I have always been with. I will leave behind friends and inspiring teachers who slowly coaxed my very shy exterior to open up to the craziness outrageousness that lives on the inside. 
Of course, public education in the very organized, uncorrupt county in which I live has just been absolute hell a walk in the park, but I cannot wait to be rid of it. There comes a point in the high school career in which the immature are very clearly separated from the mature (and the old folks, in my case). At this time, the students who are immature begin to post "selfies" all across the internet exclaiming just how much they will miss high school, "OMG have to graduate #growingup!" Following these "selfies," the public exclamations of sadness and desperation begin. (At this point, people in my situation double over in laughter.) We could be sitting in a classroom of 36 students, mid-discussion when all of a sudden, "UUUUUGHHHH I don't wanna LEEAAVVVEE!" is shouted through the heavens-only-knows-what material squares of a ceiling and projected into the hallways and bounced off the concrete walls and through the single window on that level and up into the administration office. By now, the "Nazi" administrators send a call on the landline to the classroom in which this noise was reported to originate, encouraging the yelling between two supposedly fully grown adults and the eventual waste-of-time, what-was-the-point-of-that ending. 
After you discover all of the people who fit under this category, you can now pick out the ones like me, who have been ready to leave high school since 8th grade (for those of you who don't know, we start high school in 9th grade where I live). We are considered the mature group, the students who: do college research for homework; are involved in so many extra curricular activities, we are the last ones to leave school on a daily basis (which is ironic if you think about it because we want nothing more than to leave); know what our homework will be for an entire week, so we do it all Monday night and study for the remainder of the week; and walk all the way around the outside of a building at school simply to avoid the massive conglomeration of underclassmen in the one hallway intersection in which you are guaranteed to hear talk of drugs, sex, and be cursed at at least twice. 
This is the point in life in which the "well-rounded" swim out of the lane, leaving the children behind. You had all swim a bit faster and catch up, because we're swimming quickly and there is no current in this swimming pool. Life is such an incredibly short thing, even though every day seems to drag on forever. 
Meet me back here soon for a continuation of this lovely conversation. I wish you all the best and have a jolly good evening! Adios!

P.S.- Come back tomorrow for a delicious recipe! 

Product feature: Tarte green eyeliner

Hiya there, 
most days I wake up and I don't put on any makeup, or I just curl my eyelashes so I look a bit more awake. Some days, you wake up and you just feel like doing something crazy and free and different with your makeup. That day happened for me this past weekend, so I'm sharing it with you now. 
I really LOVE finding awesome products that make my eyes stand out. Having brown eyes can be a bit drab sometimes, but my eyes actually have some super cool blue and green color in them that comes out in the sunlight, or when I have the right makeup and clothing on. 
I got this super awesome green eyeliner from Tarte a while ago, and it has been linked in a previous post. I just really really love this color! 

I was feeling extra, super fancy so I not only put on green eyeliner, I gave it a little dash of a wing. Jazz it up sometimes, who cares? I think it's so interesting to see how something so simple can make your eyes look so different! 

The eyeliner I purchased is called "azurite green," but it has been re-named online to the name "emerald." It is the same color. 

I love the formulation of these eyeliners! It is so creamy and smooth and you can blend it out easily if desired! I would recommend any and all of the colors this eyeliner comes in. I am going for this nice purple color next! 

Here's my face to say goodbye! I hope y'all enjoyed! I wish you all an awesome remainder of the week and I hope to see you relaxing over the weekend! See you soon. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

First adventures in planting

Hello Beauties, 
I decided this weekend was the perfect time for me to finally begin my own gardening adventures. I started propagating a few grapefruit seeds about a month ago, and they are growing very well thus far. I added a few more little bits to my growing for now. 
Depending on how well these little guys grow and turn out, I may or may not plant anything else until the beginning of this next spring- I live in Georgia and our weather is tremendously bipolar and bizarre. It usually does not get very cold here until late January and then it gets warm again in February, and then the temperature rapidly plummets in a week or so and in March, it snows. Hopefully, the weirdness of our weather will follow it's somewhat regular schedule (ironic right?) and it will be warm enough for me to plant again-outside-by early April. 
Anyway, I got two very different plants to start growing. I got poppy flowers, and beet roots. Now I really wanted to test my abilities and things, so I got seeds, I did not get already sprouted plants. Exciting, right? Keep on reading if you want to see how everything is going so far. 
I am currently growing all of my plants indoors, in these little greenhouses. I have two trays of beets (24 plants) and one tray of flowers (12 plants). Each of these has many, many seeds inside so they will all grow a lot of plants. I know all of these so called "plant experts" say that you shouldn't grow poppy flowers or beets inside, but you know what, I don't much care. These plant experts don't live in suburban Atlanta, they just don't get it. 

I am just keeping my fingers crossed, treating these little plants like my little tiny children, and hoping they will let me let them grow indoors for now. 
I got these little individual greenhouse trays at my local Pike's Nursery for $3.99. I am sure most all nurseries will have something similar, so I am not going to give you a specific link. When you buy these, they have a plastic lid and a cardboard wrapper in the middle with instructions on it. At first, you may be very confused and think, how will this work, because it looks like you are purchasing an empty tray with a few little coins in it. Each of these peat rounds is originally a dehydrated, tiny disc. You simply fill the plastic container with water, and wait. The rounds are going to pop up and move around at first, but don't try and shove them all back into their slots. Walk away and get something else done for about five minutes, come back and they will all be almost completely expanded. Now, you can pick each one up and position it hole-up in the slots. 
After all of the water has been absorbed, or at the point at which you feel they are wet enough, you can now use your fingers and make a hole about one inch deep in the center. 

Now, place a few seeds in this hole, and then cover it up with the soil that is now around the edges. 

Here are my beet seeds all sitting there. 

After you finish all of them, you can use your finger to press each round flat on the top. 

Here is the finished product, now you just sit and wait. After you are finished and you are happy with the amount of moisture in the greenhouse-you can add in a little bit if you think you need it- replace the plastic lid on the top. These lids are made to sit very loosely, so don't pick the container up by the lid. 

Here is my final set up in front of the window.....on a tv tray. It's green...haha, get it? 

Now, we wait. 

This is the brand of beet seeds I purchased. They are USDA organic and claimed to turn out to look like peppermints on the inside. I am excited to see if this is true! Also, does anyone else love beet seeds? I think they are just the cutest thing. They look like little tiny explosions. 

Here are the poppy flowers I got. These grow really well in georgia, also they grow in all sorts of crazy, different colors, and they smell delicious. I am very excited to see how these turn out. I had a million seeds, so I only used a few of them that I am going to try and grow indoors, and I am going to plant the rest of them outside after the last frost...which should be safe to say is around the beginning of March this year. 

Here are the little decomposable cups my grapefruits are growing in right now. I have placed each one inside of a plastic baggy, so bugs will not get into them, and also so the water content will not seep everywhere. These are awesome because they absorb water, so the entire plant is moist, also they allow the roots of the plant to burst through when the plant is big enough, so I can simply transfer these into a bigger pot when the sprouts are ready. I like this a lot because it allows me to avoid having to damage and stress my plants because they can stay in this container instead of having to be tugged out. 

Well I hope you all enjoyed. Please comment below with any questions. Have an awesome week! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quick links for the week!

Hi there beauties, 
I am very busy this week, per usual, but I thought I would share a few little links with you all that I love and that bring a bit of happiness and extra smiles into my busy weeks. I hope they lighten your moods and bring a smile to your faces. Enjoy! 

This blog is run by a very close friend of my aunt. My aunt actually shared this post with me. Be warned, it is hilarious. My aunt and the creator of this blog are both artists and they do shows together. Here is a link to their art Facebook page they do together. 

I have really been loving the reality and simplicity of people's lives lately, and Zoella brings a ton of happiness and laughter always. Here is a link to one of her hilarious videos I just recently watched. 

Zoella's boyfriend, also a Youtuber, is just as hilarious, and they have been making collaborations which just make me fall over laughing. Here is my favorite one from recently. 

I follow this blog through Bloglovin , and everything they do is incredible. I love love the natural everything and the sheer simplicity of this blog. 

Finally, I really enjoy looking at all of the DIY projects from this blog. I pin most of these on my Pinterest account (link is in the sidebar) so I can reference them in the future. 

I wish you all very well, I hope you enjoy these links, and have an incredible remainder of the week! 


Monday, September 8, 2014

Favorite chapstick, and Which foundation sponge works best?

I love this chapstick. This is the one I always use and I've tried other brands, but returned to this one each time. I ran into the drugstore on my way home this afternoon and I saw this massive four pack, so i got it. I'm just excited because this is going to last a long long time. I really recommend this to everyone. The formula is natural and so smooth and it has a fresh peppermint flavor and scent that leaves your lips tingling. 

Here is the cosmetic sponge before adding water. 

Here is the cosmetic sponge after adding water and squeezing it out. 

Here is the Beauty Blender before adding water. 

Here is the Beauty Blender after adding water and squeezing it out. 

From your point of view, I used the Beauty Blender on the left half of my face and the cosmetic sponge on the right side. I have to say, the Beauty Blender really does work wonders. You can't tell as well in this picture, but the cosmetic sponge really absorbed the water in a strange way, making it absorb my foundation, so it did not apply very well. I have to say, I think the $20 Beauty Blender is actually worth it. I love this little thing. So in the end, i do recommend the fancy, expensive sponge. Have fun with it, go splurge a bit, I hope you'll enjoy it. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Guilty purchases from the weekend

Hola beauties, 
I ran to the mall last weekend and wandered around a bit. While I was there, I picked up three little things that I enjoy very much. As I said in a previous post, I was going to get all these fancy perfumes and things, but I decided not to. I went into Sephora at the mall and they do not sell rollerballs of the perfume I enjoy. The problem with this is simply that I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices at which perfumes are sold these days(the scent I like was around $75 for 1.5 ounces...whaaatt? way). I had planned to get the rollerball of the Gucci Guilty Black, but they did not have any of those, so I went for the next best thing, Gucci Guilty. Woah. 

In all honesty, I feel somewhat guilty for buying this. Even this tiny 0.25 ounce spray bottle was $27. However, I feel okay about this because I only use it because I am in colorguard and at football games, which generally last 3-5 hours, we get very sweaty and smelly. I try my best to combat this before it even starts, and expensive perfume like this is one of the only things I have found to work, so I use it for a few days out of the year...not a big deal. 

Look how sleek this bottle is though. It was clearly very nicely designed...making me feel a little bit less guilty about the price tag. I can't wait for winter though because I really want to try out a few different perfumes with essential oils that I have the recipes for. Excitement! 

Okay, so last weekend was just full of guilt purchases. I paid $20 for this. Yep. I said it. I paid $20 for this teeny, tiny, little, bitty sponge that most likely cost around 10 cents to produce. I probably will never ever buy another one of these in my life, but I really wanted to try it out. The premise of this little sponge egg thing is that it is supposed to make your foundation really mesh into your skin and look flawless. 

You remove the sponge from the little container, wet it completely until it expands to about 3 times the size, then you squeeze all of the water out. After this, you dip the small corner into your foundation and dot it all around your face, and then blend it in, using small pat motions, with the large, round end. I have to say, I used this 4 times this week and I love it. It is incredible. I am going to do a bit of a test tomorrow because I have a theory that this sponge is no better than a drugstore sponge that I can get 50 for $2. We shall find out. 

Again with the guilt.....I went into Anthropologie, which is a mistake in itself because every single thing in that store is CRAZY overpriced, but it is all beautiful. For example, they sell amazing dresses for $200 that I could get at another store for $30. Anyway, this candle was $16. However, it smells incredible. My room has been smelling a bit musty with all of my sweaty workout clothing in my hamper (which has encouraged me to do laundry much more often) and this candle makes my room smell like a fresh flower garden with ocean water and a bit of a raw feeling, which I love. 

You can find this candle here , it is $2 more expensive on the brand's website just to let you know. The thing I have a problem with is that I really enjoy candles a lot, simply because I have to have a good smelling place in order to relax, but they seem to all be rather expensive. I am generally okay shelling out 10-25 bucks for a candle though, so I guess I will just get over it. If any of you have any amazing candles you have used before, let me know in the comments bar below! 

Be on the lookout for my post tomorrow in which I will decide if the $20 makeup sponge is worth it, or if I am just as well off using the inexpensive off-brand sponges. 

Thanks and I hope you all enjoyed! 

My favorite organizing app!

Hi beauties, 
I have been very into this app for the past month or so and wanted to share it with you all. I am EXTREMELY organized, my family likes to make fun of me-in a playful way- for my somewhat OCD tendencies. I will spend the entire day just re-organizing things and going through things to see what I use and what I don't and then donate the things that are not used, or give them to someone I know will use them. I would be extremely happy working organizing people's homes as my job in a few years. 
All of that said, it is very important to me that I remember things I need to get done, and have an easy, fast way to organize my lists. I found this app a little over a month ago and I use it every day. This app enables the user to create lists with certain titles and within each list, add items. I really enjoy this quality because I have tried so many other list apps, but they were all just one list that compiled every item onto one list. I just think this is not realistic because we are all so busy, nothing we do falls under the same category. The great thing about this is that you can create a list for the grocery store-or all of the different grocery stores that you go to-for shopping, for to-do tasks, etc. and they are all in the same place. 
One of my favorite things about the app is how quick and easy it is to pull up on my phone as soon as I realize I need to do something, or buy something. It enables me to quickly make note of it so I don't forget. Thank goodness because this also lets me remember much more important things because I don't have to remember every little task I need to get done. 
I hope this is useful to you all! Have a beautiful weekend! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

My 17th birthday makeup purchase

Hello beauties, 
Some of you know, others do not, but my birthday was August 22nd. I have made it a tradition, since about 3 years ago, that I buy myself a few makeup items for my birthday. This year, my parents gave me a gift card to Sephora, and I used some of my money also to get these items. I am in no way bragging about the things I have, I am simply sharing in hopes someone will enjoy the post, and something I say may be beneficial to another person. I hope you enjoy! 

This is the free sample that came with my order. I really like this scent! It is very delicate, but it lasts all day long. It smells like flowers and exotic spices. It's very nice and crisp. 

This is also a small sample size, but I used some points I had on my Sephora account from past purchases. I also really enjoy this scent, but it is very different from the sandalwood scent. The sandalwood scent is really romantic and calm, but in a very mellow way. This scent is what I would call sexy and provocative. It is romantic, but in a way that it should only be worn while doing some serious ballroom dancing with your significant other, but I really like it! 
I think I am going to buy a bigger bottle of the Nest fragrance, and get the small rollerball of this Gucci fragrance...sometime in the future. 

As you all know, I am extremely pale and I don't have a problem with it; however, when I put foundation on my entire face, it really matches my skin tone very well, so I look somewhat like a ghost. I finally got this bronzer, after a long time of consideration and thought, and I am extremely glad that I did. It looks very natural and just brightens up my face a bit. 

Here is the color of the bronzer, it looks very scary on the internet, but in real life, the color is just a nice, warm deep beige. My favorite thing is that this is not glittery. Every bronzer I have ever seen has these bizarre, very noticeable glitters in them. I am not sure if anyone else has thought about this, but the last time I checked, the human skin does not glitter. 

I just had to take a picture of this palette before I used it. Tarte's packaging is one of the many things that I absolutely love about the brand. They somehow make everything very efficient, beautiful, long-lasting, and extremely beneficial to your skin. 
(Starting from the large rectangle on the top left going around the circle clockwise) The products are: luminizer in champagne, bronzer in park avenue princess, eyeshadow in: don't turn a-brown, tan-gled up in you, up to no gold, plum away with me, make a mauve, bare to explore, and blush in unleashed. 

Here is the outside of the package. I really like how all of these elements really look like the forest. 

I did it. I finally caved in and got this foundation. 
I have heard incredible things about this foundation for many years, but I never wanted to spend $38 to buy it. However, for my birthday, I decided it would be alright and I could treat myself. I have to say, I am so glad that I did because I know for sure I will be buying this foundation and using it for the rest of my life. This stuff is incredible, I cannot even describe how good it is, you just have to buy it and see for yourself. It is very smooth and blends in incredibly well, it covers any imperfections, but it also lets my freckles show through, which I love. 

Here is my face with just this foundation on, I do not have on any other makeup. 

These three items (above) are just free things that came with my order. The first one is the little happy birthday package Sephora gives to everyone for his/her birthday. The other two are free samples that I do not use, so I gave them to my mom. 

I used products from the rainforest palette, as well as my Tarte liner in onyx, Tarte waterproof mascara, and Tarte bronzer, on top of the foundation, to make this completed look. 
I hope you all have enjoyed this post and have a wonderful week!