Sunday, August 31, 2014

What I do with essential oils

I am not rich, nor do I have a million hours to hunt down every single essential oil that I would like to have right now, but I have what I love and I love that I have these two little things because they have been so good to me. I found this little blue, glass bottle at Whole Foods for $3, you can find something super similar at any other health food store, and I make my little concoctions in here. 

This is my Desert Essence 100% jojoba oil. This is one of many "carrier oils," which is the term fancy people use when making perfumes. In my world, this is the lovely stuff that helps the scent of the oil absorb into your skin and last longer (AKA-carrier oil). 

Aura Cacia rose absolute fortifying in jojoba oil  Now I am sure many of you just read that and are now thinking, "Why on Earth does this girl put jojoba oil in with her rose+jojoba oil?" The answer is:there is absolutely no reason; however, rose oil is extremely potent and expensive. I don't believe I have ever seen 100% rose oil alone in a bottle, so if that floats your boat, there is the answer.

Aura Cacia mellow mix- lavender and sandalwood I just love the smell of lavender. It is so soothing and peaceful and it seems to go with almost every other scent, so I use it. When I first stumbled upon these oils, I also wanted to get sandalwood oil, but there quickly became a HUGE problem with that desire. I easily found the lavender oil and rose oil at rather reasonable prices of $9.99 and $10.99, respectably, and continued on my way to find the sandalwood oil. Very soon did I find out, a 0.5 ounce bottle of sandalwood oil costs $76. I thought I was experiencing a momentary fit of blindness, so I called my mother and had her check the price tag to check. I have 20/20 vision, this was real life, there is no way on earth I will ever be paying such a price for such an item. 

Following this short ordeal, I went home and concocted a perfume that works for me. Here it is: 
**put everything into the bottle in this order-there is a rhyme and reason to it 
**place a small funnel into the top of your bottle before putting anything in
**have a towel on hand, the jojoba oil does like to spill 
-20 drops jojoba oil
-15 drops Mellow Mix 
- 5 drops rose oil 
-5 drops Mellow Mix 
-10 drops jojoba oil
-2 drops rose oil
-fill the remainder of the bottle with filtered water 
**place the lid on, gently shake, spritz and enjoy the relaxation 

My favorite, everyday coconut oil uses.

As I am sure those of you who have been following me for a while are aware of, I LOVE coconut oil. I had been hearing a billion things about it for the past few years, and I finally decided to completely abandon all other moisturizers a few months ago, and switch to coconut oil. Here are the main things I use it for:

-moisturizer for my entire body (other than my face)

-a base for exfoliator
      **I make a DIY exfoliator with coconut oil, white sugar(because it's cheap and I don't eat it), and         lavender oil. If your skin is very very dry, feel free to add a bit of olive oil to the mixture.

-makeup remover/nighttime face wash for daily use
    *simply take a small amount, close your eyes, rub it around and really make sure you get your pinky finger along your lash line to get mascara and liner off, then take a soft cloth, wet it with warm water, and gently wipe off

-an incredible foot moisturizer...I use my feet a lot, so they get very dry and sad. Before I began using coconut oil, I tried every moisturizer a person could find and nothing worked for me. I now put a hefty amount of coconut oil on my feet before bedtime, about two-three times a week, slip on a pair of socks, and sleep through the night. In the morning, my feet feel like babies' bums.

-hair strengthener, softner, and protector= once a month or so, depending on how drab my hair turns out, I separate my hair into sections and slowly work enough oil into my hair until it all looks wet. I then leave it to sit for 20-45 minutes (If I am doing things around home, I will leave it in longer) and then shampoo it out and my hair feels absolutely baby fine and incredible. I recommend doing this!!

These are the only things I use coconut oil for frequently, but there are at least 100 more uses. Here is a great link for those of you who want to know more. Thanks, and be well.

Beginning of the summer makeup bits (much delayed)

Here is my little beginning of the summer makeup haul. I went for the Tarte waterproof mascara, a super nice, fresh, rose gloss, and a cheek stain that would all withstand the Georgia heat. I mainly got these three products for my senior photos, which occured in late July. I am not going to link all of these products, because I am sure, before the end of the year, I will do yet another current makeup favorites/what I use on a daily basis, and these will all be in there. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Finally completed the switch to all natural beauty!

Hello Beauties, 
I am going to be a complete hypocrite in this post, because my last post was all about my favorites and such, all (but one) of which are no longer my favorites. Yes, sounds crazy and hormonal and moody, but I promise you, I am not crazy (pff...we all are). However, I have decided to change a lot of things in order to make my life easier, happier, and healthier. These changes are below and if you're interested in becoming completely natural and transforming your skin, keep on reading! 

 Here is the Kiss my Face face factor SPF 50. I have enjoyed the Kiss my Face sunscreen products for a few years now, I just always find myself wanting to try something. I have to say, I am hanging onto this one. Everything about it is natural and gentle on the skin, and the formula is not white on the skin (horrible for my already pale skin) but it protects my freckles from the death rays of sunshine and smells of delightful lavender. LOVE!  

I just started using this deodorant recently and I enjoy that it does a good job of keeping sweat from happening, so bonus points! However, I noticed that this scent is not very powerful or long lasting and it has a wee bit of a body odor smell before application...ick. I will be looking for another scent. 

Here is my little adorable Ball jar of coconut oil. I recently found a little pack of four of these perfect jars at Target, so I bought them. I have been looking for a small jar that was big enough to hold the amount of product I needed, but not huge. When I found these... let's just say I was very excited. 

Here is the handy dandy jar of coconut oil that I use to fill my little jar. (I couldn't find a link to this specific brand, but here is another brand that is very trustworthy.) I do this because I find it somewhat impossible, and quite frankly, unsanitary, to reach all the way to the bottom of these massive jars. Because of this, I use a spoon and take coconut oil from this big jar and transfer it into the small jar, simple as that! 
I just started using coconut oil this past week as my only body moisturizer. I use it all over my entire body and in my hair, but I do not put it on my face. This oil is incredible for practically everything, as seen here  and here, but it is too thick for my face. I know most people don't put it on facial skin, but it can certainly be used on the face. 
I have to say, my hair has started growing like crazy, my skin is softer than ever, and I have a lovely, subtle glow to my skin all day long. Along with every amazing thing coconut oil has to offer, it is incredibly inexpensive (if you look around-I got this 14 ounce jar for $6) and is absorbs completely into the skin way faster than any retail brand. I am completely amazed at how incredible nature is. 

Tea tree oil is another one of those potent, magical things that can be used to do any sort of healing a person could ever need...other than mend a broken heart or bone...okay maybe it just heals beauty/general health issues. Here are many of the uses for tea tree oil. My favorite way to use it is for blemishes. I put a drop or two onto a cotton pad and dab it onto the blemish and within one to three days, the blemish is gone. 

Here is my beloved Tarte maracuja oil. I just did a post all about this, which you may find here. This is my nighttime moisturizer. I love love love this stuff. I only use makeup by Tarte and my dry skin would be a wreck if not for this product. 

I have always despised paying $50-$100 for perfume that will only last a few months or a year, if I am lucky. The formulations always have more alcohol than they do essential oils and body, so I decided to make my own. I will have a post all about making homemade, natural perfume coming soon.This is the rose essential oil I used as my base note. 

As a bit of backstory, I went into my local Whole Foods (natural, organic, hippy type of health food store) on a mission to find the two essential oils i was looking for (sandalwood and rose). Perhaps it is my ignorance, which brought upon this problem, but I was nevertheless shocked. I found my rose oil, no problem and grabbed the sucker, which was $15-a price that seemed somewhat high, but acceptable. Following finding the rose oil, I went searching for sandalwood. I found it. It was $73. I had a miniature heart attack and had to go find my mom and have her make sure I was not experiencing a stroke or something of the like. It appears I was not and 100% pure sandalwood essential oil is apparently a rare commodity. However, I quickly found this mixture of mostly lavender with some sandalwood and i smelled it and it was great, so I got it for $10. Done. 

I picked up this little blue glass bottle whilst getting my essential oils. I was feeling very happy and girly after making my homemade perfume, so I titled it "Pretty Gal." 

I am going to write a full post about this incredible product very soon and after I have used it for a longer period of time. I have heard incredible things about Dr.Bronner's magic soaps, but until now, never tried them. I have to say, I am using this product for the remainder of my life. This product is now my shampoo, face cleanser, and body wash. The last few days using it, my shower time has decreased to half the time it used to take me. I could talk about it for days, but I will save that for a later date. This is the peppermint scent, which I love and is great for the morning to really wake you up. 

Here is the lavender scent. I use this one most of the time just because it is very gentle and soothing. 

Here is another of my little Ball jars. This is my homemade lip scrub, which I will go into detail about in my coconut oil loving post. (If you are dying to know, it is just fine grain sugar and coconut oil.) 

Yes, I even use natural bug repellent. I have been using this repellent for a few years now, but I avoided bug spray entirely for a while because of the smell of this product and the fact that I hated all other brands due to a gross, sticky or powdery feeling. This spray is completely natural, so it has strong citronella in it. I love this because no bugs will want to come near you because the smell of citronella is so strong, they would probably die. However, this scent also has a tendency to repel other people who are not wearing sunscreen or bug spray. I have learned to get over this though because I have the horrible ability to attract mosquitos of all kinds in all locations, so I would much rather smell strongly of citronella than I would itch like crazy. 

Lily of the desert aloe vera gelly. Simple as that, I use this on sunburns or sensitive areas after shaving and it is a lovely, natural, soothing product that calms my sensitive skin. I recommend this specific brand also. 

Here is my third little jar of baking soda. I use the general brand of baking soda, which is the only brand I have ever seen sold in the U.S. It is called Arm and Hammer 100% baking soda. I will be doing a post all about baking soda very soon, so be on the lookout for that one. 

I hope you all enjoy and go out into the world and find something beautiful and share it. I just realized, when finishing this post, that I mainly use products that have hundreds of uses. I guess that is a good thing. Wohoo! Have a great remainder of the week beauties!  Happy Hump Day! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

New versions of haul

Hello beauties! 
I am very excited about this mini post, even though I haven't gotten anything very exciting, but I am in love with these few products I do have to share. I used to have a tiny sample size of the Tarte maracuja oil that was 0.05 ounces and it lasted me four months. I love this oil, so I decided to get the full-sized container. 
I know it sounds weird and everyone is always skeptical about putting oil on their faces because they are worried it will make oily skin more oily, or aggravate any sort of blemishes. However, if you get the right, natural oil, any type of skin will become good skin. I used to have a serious problem with oily ski, redness, and dryness, but since using Tarte products, I have not had these problems. The finishing powder, made with Amazonian clay, completely eliminated my oily skin, and now the moisturizer has just made my entire face a whole lot better. 

Tarte pure maracuja oil  in the 1.7 ounce 
bottle. I have to say, this bottle is a bit pricey 
at $46, but it will last a very long time. Considering 
the 0.05 ounce bottle lasted me four months, 
I am expecting this one to last at least a year and 
a half or two years. Along with loving the results
given by the product, the bamboo package is 
beautiful, economical, and reusable. I am going to
hang onto this package for a long time and reuse it. 

The best thing about this moisturizer is that 
it only takes one or two drops of the oil, rubbed 
between your hands, to cover your entire face. 

I used to wear a Marc Jacobs perfume 
a few years ago, but I was not too keen on 
the scent I got. I heard many good things 
about this scent, and I figured I would try
it out. I saw that I could get a free sample 
with my purchase, so I figured why not. 
I wore it for a few hours today and I 
have to say, it smells delicious. 

The packaging claims, "daisy is a sparkling
floral bouquet capturing the vintage edge 
of the violet." I love the artsy nature of this 
description and I find it to be accurate. 
This scent is wonderfully floral and girly, 
but at the same time is somewhat spicy 
and has an old-timey feel-the vintage. 
I am going to wear this for a few more 
days and consider purchasing the full-size. 

I have been using Herbal Essences hair 
products for quite a while now. I usually 
go for the cheap deal at Target and get 
the two pack purple scent for a discounted 
price, but I don't love that scent. I have 
a really weird thing for coconuts, eating 
them, smelling them, washing my body 
with them, using coconut oil, etc. I decided 
to pick up this scent last time I ran in Target
to grab a few things and I am very excited to
begin using it again. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Holy Grail- Tarte airbrush foundation powder

Hola Beauties! I am SO excited to share this wonderful new thing with you all! 

As those of you who have been following my blog for a while now will know, I have tried this foundation before, but I got the wrong colour. Since I got the wrong colour, I was very turned off by the foundation. I am super into natural makeup and subtle beauty, so when my face looks orange or brown- I am super pale, so this is crazy to me- I do not like it at all.

HOWEVER.... I went to Sephora this past weekend and I messed around with the Tarte foundation and I had help from one of the Sephora staff and I FINALLY got the perfect colour. 

The first time I went to get this foundation, one woman at Sephora colour matched me with this tiny little machine thing, and the colour that came out was the "medium-light colour," which is the fourth darkest coulour in the line. Once I went and fiddled around for a wee bit, I found my colour "fair honey," which just so happens to be the very lightest colour they make. Bingo! 

If any of you are looking for a foundation that will be the best for you, this is it. It works for all skin types and is not much like a powder. It is so hydrating and moisturizing, even dry skinned people can use it. It is a bit expensive, the foundation is $36 and the brush is $26, but I promise, it is worth it. One bottle of this will last you at least 8 months, depending on how many layers you use daily. 

My new, forever, Holy Grail foundation. I LOVE this foundation so so much. 

I love how beautiful Tarte's packages are. They look so nice, sometimes I don't want to use them, I just want to set them on my dresser and sit there and look at them. I love the bamboo touch! 

The makeup brushes I use are all by ECOtools or Tarte. The thing I have noticed is that I always go for the adorable bamboo makeup brushes with synthetic, cruelty free bristles. I guess this has translated into my makeup packaging choices.  

Along with the smooth, moisture rich, blendable, buildable, formulation I LOVE that the container has this tiny mesh dispenser. The cap has a round in the center (photo on the right) that presses down onto the mesh center, when the foundation is closed, in order to keep the foundation from spilling. The main thing I hate about powder foundation is the horrible mess they always make, but this one has never ever made any mess. No foundation spills out so nothing is wasted. I love! 

Here is the tiny little hobbit brush that you use with this foundation. It is so small, it fits perfectly into your hand to where you can naturally hold it comfortably. The bristles are short because this is made specifically to press into the mesh film in order to get the right amount. Perfect! Here is the link

Here is my face whilst putting on my foundation
this morning. The foundation is on the right side
of my face in this image. Just compare the
difference between the right and left sides
in this image! I love how great this covers
with even a little tiny thin layer. 

Here is my face with the finished foundation
and all of my other makeup on. I love all
my Tarte products and the matte, natural
look. I hope you all enjoy! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mini Walgreens Haul [much delayed]

Hello my lovely friends! 
I have not been around in quite a while, but I have returned and boy do I have quite the share of loverly things for you all. I went to Walgreens, two months ago i believe, to buy these things below. I have been using them all for a good amount of time so I have a nice opinion on them all to share with you. I hope you all enjoy! 

I love this little guy. He is just like the cutest, tiniest hair brush you will ever meet. The skinny end is called "thin" and the fatter end is called "thick" and they are supposed to be for different hair types I do believe. I love how this little friend fits perfectly into my hand and is very easy to grasp onto. Also, it works well for wet or dry hair, and detangles very well without causing any pain. The best part- it feels like a nice little baby head massage! 

I have always had a thing for organic, natural products that do good things for my skin and are not too mean to the world. I love the idea of this brand and that the products are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. However, I do not think they work for my skin. They are a bit too strong of a formula for me and I don't feel very clean after using them, but they are very good for on the go, mainly because they do have different kinds and they come in a small travel package. 

I do like this because I do use my own 100% tea tree oil for various ailments and it is incredible, however, this tiny tiny bottle cost $12 so I do not believe I will purchase it again. If you have a large budget and enjoy natural products that work, I STRONGLY suggest Burt's Bees. Many of the brand's products are budget-friendly, this bottle just does not seem like much product at all for the price. It does eliminate blemishes, due to the antibacterial power of the tea tree oil, but the formulation is too strong for my sensitive skin so I became very dry and needed a lot of moisturizer. If you do not have sensitive skin, you will most likely be fine. 

This is my favorite deodorant ever, I recommend this to anyone and absolutely everyone. The base of Arm and Hammer products is pure baking soda, which is incredible at many things. I use baking soda to exfoliate, to cook, to clean, and now in my deodorant. I love that this can be used for men and women, and the scent is not too strong to be overpowering, but it lasts all day long and keeps smelling fresh. I have to say, I have not sweat at all- unless exercising- while wearing this product. I am positive this will be my staple deodorant for a long long time. 

The day I got these few items, I was feeling a bit bored with my lip care products. As many people know, I am a bit of a typical beauty blogger- I have 8 different lip products just in my purse. When I see something new and nice and it's a formulation that I trust to put onto my mouth, I usually pick it up. This Nivea a kiss of cherry fruity lip balm is gorgeous. It gives off a very subtle rose colour that highlights my skintone in a lovely way. I like that it is very simple, easy, and moisturizing while providing a hint of colour. Also, it tastes delicious! 

I hope you all enjoyed and have a lovely remainder of the week! 

Math period brain explosion-read it and weep [not really]

Hello there folks!! 
I have not been around recently due to many personal things happening in my family. However, I am back now and I have created a little "mind explosion" for you all. 

Just to be noted, I wrote this in my math period today due to the fact that we were not accomplishing anything worthwhile. High school is a lovely place... thankfully I only have one year left. 

I hope you all away! 

For five years they were girls bound to a world that twirled.
The dance, and laughed, and sometimes passed the smiles they could have seen. Around the last year of the bind, things began to unwind; she believed this was now the end. She tried to mind everything she could find, always helping and mending the bends. Her heart no longer pure, her mind thrown upon the shore, every step taken for her. She tried to help, but the poor woman was left, stuck with only one who desired to go. Her thoughts made of rock, glass, stone, every word was thrown, never spoken. The final days had gone by, each attempt to try failed and she was left behind. She helped her get into spinning days, sharing the passion of the sweet dewy haze. Two years passed by, never tears in her eyes, her heart stripped completely of gold. She worked through the nights, without help in sight, never anyone stopping to say hello. A simple kind word, something she never heard, such kindness was never to spare. She had gotten the spot, finally thanked for her devotion, promised next time, they would share. Her tricky mind and her messed up lies encouraged faith in her air. Not a word to be spoken, every last soul was broken, her reign coming quickly to a close. In seven days they see the real person who has constantly, always hidden behind the curtains. Her lies and her flare, the wind in her hair, not a thing ever to be spoken. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My rendition of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"

Hi everyone, 
I recently wrote a poem essay based off of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by: T.S. Eliot. It is based on personal experience and conflict in my life. A few lines (3-4 lines) are exact replicates of the line at that place in the Eliot poem and I am not at all attempting to claim those words as my own. I felt compelled to share this with you all, it may be interesting to you, or it may not be. However you find this, I simply desire the free share of ideas and you may form your opinion of what I have to say. I do ask one thing, If you do not have anything nice to say, please do not say anything. I hope you all enjoy this little poem I wrote, If you have any comments, feel free to leave them in the comment box below! Have a great remainder of the week! 

Look and glance, we all stare
Where the glowing light is reflecting its glare
Like her final look upon the sky;
Leaving us to give our last goodbye
The sniffled breaths
Of hopeless souls in the cold summer air
And cheap black cotton with glimmering pearl chains
Cards flip along like a never-ending game
Of ridiculous repetition
To push you closer to disbelief in the decided function…
Oh, do not think, “Why am I?”
Let you be you and I am I.

Along the walls clear phantoms sob and weep
Remembering all the riches and such sweet sweets.

The black soot that flops its ears upon the trees
The black ash that taps its toes upon the leaves
Lends its hatred into the parties of the evening
Lingering upon the shoulders of our sleeves,
Let fail the black pain that stings through the veins,
Stinging only one, passing safely over the others,
And sinking into the heat of the cool fall night,
Ran once out of the building, and collapsed with a fright.

And again they will return with more and more to say
For the blackness never fails, it scares and runs away,
Flopping its ears upon the trees;
Never shall it end, never shall it cease
To prepare a young girl to meet the girls that you meet;
There where she has time to start fresh anew,
And time to forget each forgotten goodbye was never given,
The hope for the day when she would walk through the door;
Tried first again and second and again some more,
And tried for half a lifetime, it seems it was a chore,
And for six years she was lost and gone,
Before the setting sun told her she was done.

Along the walls clear phantoms sob and weep
Remembering all the riches and such sweet sweets.

And indeed there will be time
To wonder, “Did I try?” and, “Do I matter?”
Time to chase and erase and follow up the ladder,
With a hole in her heart in the center of the core
(They will say: “How her wants do not matter!”)
My shining pleats, my golden necklace secured safely around the hem,
My velvet heavy and rich, but assumed only a whim
(They will say: “How her heart and mind are only just a trick!”)
Did I dare
Disrupt the equality?
In a conversation there are pricks
For destroying and controlling which bring an end to all that is knowing.

For I have heard each one shouted among the silence:
Have known the friends, the mothers, and the child,
I have tiptoed along the thin barbed wire;
I feel the soul slip from her slipping grasp
Below the ground and into the gutter.
   So who will I become?

And I have lived with the ailing few already, seen each one
Ailing that adorn bright satins and gold and green
(But in the sunlight, drowning in false beliefs!)
Is it hope from this place,
That makes me fall without much grace?
Ailing that lie and lay around the stone, or consist to press harder.
   And then should I become?
   And how should I fight?

Should I tell them, I have pulled at dawn through tiny creaks
And seen form the devil which lies inside of thee
Of helpless women in freedom please, laying across the tiny breeze?...

I should have been the Violet girl
Invisibly moving along through this world.

And the mothers, the children, believe in such perfection!
Scattered about my lingering protections,
Alone… confused… or just bewildered,
Straining for the door, here far between you and I.
Shall I, before you need more treats and cigars,
Help the friends who pushed our life through the bars?
But though I helped and guarded, helped and caved,
Though I wished never a day (so sharp and soon) wrapped in paper,
I am no Cleopatra—and she shall not falter,
I saw everything I tried fall from the ladder,
And I rose up again the beliefs, this matters,
And each day, I fell farther.

And would it have been worth it, after all,
After the fights, the lies, the sugarcoated ties,
Along the straight, pristine lines, along performance between the grime,
Would we have been worth the time,
To have forgotten the thoughts we shared in crime,
To have shoved the beliefs, you in mine,
To push them along the tightrope line,
To say: “I am just fine, bring me my wine,
Bringing back to show my class, I believe in my prize”—
If once, leaving a secret note by the door,
  She’ll say; “I need nothing from none but myself;
  I get all I want, the list none from you.”

And would it have been worth it, after all,
Would it have been worth time,
After the walks through the black and the sand and the foam,
After the pictures, after the years, after the canvases framing no more—
And these, and those, and mine forgotten long before? –
Incredibly I teach and preach and remain misunderstood!
But as if a light shone down on hopes destroyed what was never more:
Would it have been worth while
If once, she rested here or stayed a thought,
And looking back in the mirror, should say:
   “I need nothing from none but myself;
   Forgotten all lost among myself.”

No! I am not sweet perfection, never could I be;
Am a simple child, one who pleads, longs, and pleas
To swarm around a problem, suggest a help to you,
Advice to soothe the reigning queen, not yet, once worked on you.
Decisive, forced into a great misuse,
Potentially dangerous, destructive, and discouraging;
False beliefs in you, but quite the lot can do;
Almost always, indeed, contagious—
At the beach, this time, the Rule.

I fall apart… I fell apart…
I sneak across the tightrope slick.

Should I hide beneath this column fake? Do I trot across this glowing mane?
I shall wear black linen veils, and run against the wind.
I have heard the sailor sings and sails, but only to begin.

I never think again, the water envelopes my skin.

I have thought of the last triumphant joy
Regretting submission to your ploy, when we had but a minute to enjoy,
But our time wasted, utterly destroyed.

We have longed for the return to the magnificent day
By glitzy beads and smelly things, seeping across each shore
Though punishing eyes condemn us, and we abhor.