Friday, January 23, 2015

Claire's & 100% Pure haul

Hello beautiful people! 
Here is the issue: I have extremely sensitive ears and my earrings like to make the sensitivity flare up. I have found that the only thing that really works for me is sterling silver earrings, because the backing is the most neutral on my skin. I went online and found a few simple, tiny earrings that were on sale- after Christmas sales are the best. 

I got these tiny little cubic zirconia (fake diamond) earrings for my second piercing. They are so small and simple that they go with any other pair. 

This value package was so great! The pair on the top is very tiny and I love the middle pair because they are just small enough to go in my second piercing and not overwhelm my ears. The biggest ones on the bottom row looked great also, but I was removing them from the package and the front piece had been glued on, so one twist in the wrong direction broke then right in long to those. 

You can't tell, but these are all opal. They look so cute in real life! For anyone who does not know, opal is a light purple, somewhat iridescent color. I love it! 

These little ones have been my favorite (if you can't tell, I'm really into tiny earrings). They are little daisy flowers. I have been wearing these in my first piercing and the middle-sized opal ones in my second piercing. 

Here is where I get VERY excited!! I found out about this brand a few months ago and I have just been waiting for all of my products to run out in order to try these. This brand, 100% Pure, really is completely natural, entirely pure ingredients. On each package, at the bottom, it says 100% natural and either 100% vegetarian, or 100% vegan. The ones labeled vegetarian are created with plant products, but they contain some animal-based products (beeswax being the most common). The ones that are labeled vegan are made only with plant materials, meaning they contain nothing related to living beings, only vegetable and fruit materials. That being said, I got two things to try out. 

This is the cucumber juice foaming cleanser for sensitive skin. I can't give this the best review because I have only used it once, but it smells so clean and fresh and it really felt like it cleaned my skin well. 

I also got the fruit pigmented tinted moisturizer in creme. This is basically a BB cream, but it's incredible! This was a few dollars cheaper than the high-end foundation I have been using for the past few years, but the amount of product is more than twice. I tried this out today and it goes on so smoothly, smells incredible, and gives just the right amount of coverage. 

This is a little sample that they sent me in my order. It is the honey cream wash gingerade. I actually don't think they even offer this product in the store yet. I'm very excited to try this out! 

Here are two samples of coffee bean caffeine eye cream. I am so glad they sent me these samples because I had this on my list of things I want to get before college. One bottle of this (0.3 ounces) is only $11, which is incredible for such a high-quality product. With eye creams, a tiny bit goes such a long way, this is an incredible deal! 

All in all, I am very excited to use all of these and see how they change my skin- for the better. I am so glad that I finally discovered a brand that is not too expensive, and that does incredible things for the environment and many people's skin. Thanks everyone, have an amazing weekend!!  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pre-Christmas Sephora Haul

Hello everyone, I have a ton of pictures in this post, and all of these things have been on my blog in the recent past, so I am not going to link everything in this post. 
Simply scroll at your leisure, and check things out. 
If something strikes your eye, leave me a comment below and I will send you a link to that item. 
Thanks, Enjoy!

Foundation blender sponge 

Natural oil-absorbing sheets

Gentle detangling brush- I am absolutely in love with this yellow lemon. If a human being can love an object, this is the one thing that I love because it treats my hair so nicely and does not hurt my head like most hair brushes. 

This is one of the 500 point rewards from Sephora. It has a bunch of tanning serums, an eye cream, bronzer, and mascara, all in miniature form. **

Here is a greek yoghurt makeup primer/ facial moisturizer. **

This is a tiny Clinique acne spot treatment. **

Here is a BB cream sampler. **

A mud eye mask **

A ultra moisture body cream **

** I gave my mother and sister all of the sample-sized products. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

App review- Print Studio

Hola beautiful people! 
I stumbled upon this app just in time before Christmas. This app is called Print Studio. A little tiny company based in San Francisco, California runs this company. Basically, you can print photos directly from your iphone, Instagram account, or computer photographs at a very reasonable price. 

I purchased 34 (2 by 2) prints, paid for shipping and it cost me less than $20. 

I found this app because I had the great idea of a gift for a friend of mine. We were both in colorguard this year, so I wanted to print out all of our Instagram and phone pictures from throughout the entire season, but I couldn't find anything reasonable priced, until this app. 

I LOVE how well everything turned out. My friend kept sending me pictures on Christmas day because she opened her gift and everyone in her family was so intrigued, they had to pass around all of the photos. Clearly, this little app is a big hit. 

They also make custom frames, photo strips, posters, photo albums, magnets, and more. 

Download the app here, (If you have a US phone number, you can download the app from this web link, but if you are outside of the US, you will have to type in the app name on your app store and download from there.) and check out some of the incredible things this little company does. The results I received were very satisfying!! 

Au Revoir mes amis! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas break haul

Hiya there! 
So I got a few things online over my holiday break. In my family, for Christmas, everyone mainly gets/gives gift cards and cash so that we can all go and purchase the things that we want/need. I got a gift card for Sephora, and it was Christmastime so everything was on sale! Here are the few things I got. (I am only going to link the lipsurgence on the top because everything else was a super limited edition, one-time-only type of thing that they no longer sell-sorry!) 

It is formulated to go on as a clear lip balm, but it adjusts to your body warmth and the chemistry of your skin to simply bring out the pink color in your lips. I love this little glowy guy! 

This is a dark grey eyeshadow stick that was incredibly on sale, so I picked it up. I love eyeshadow sticks from tarte because they are so quick and easy to rub on, smudge, and go. 

Isn't this the cutest little package for eyeliners! I got an incredible deal on 12 different eyeliners that all came in this roll-up case with a bow clip. I think I paid around $20 for this whole set, which is incredible because each of these eyeliners sells individually for $19 (booyah!). 

There are about four shades of brown, two greens, blue, a nude, a black, gold, and purples in this set. I really like how convenient this is that everything is all in one place. 

i have noticed one thing with these eyeliners (it may also just be the fact that I am wearing them). I only use natural products on my body, so my skin produces oil at a natural rate. Since I am part Japanese, my hair and parts of my face tend to do this at a slightly elevated rate. My eyelids especially like to develop a slight sheen as the day goes on, so I usually find that eyeliner is not my thing. However, I saw this and I thought it would be a great way to go out with a big bang because.....I am going to completely change my makeup routine/collection/regime as soon as I use up all of the Tarte products I have (I am predicting this will be sometime this July). 
I do respect brands like Tarte for working in the big industries in New York, but I feel other (simpler, cheaper) items will work better for my body and health. 

Here is a little swatchy swatch of all of the eyeliner colors, for your simple viewing pleasure. 

About my makeup switch, I decided to do this a few weeks ago. I have recently really been cracking down on myself and the things I am allowing myself to put in and on my body. I realize that Tarte is a natural brand, but I have always had large insecurities about all things produced on the large scale. Also, i recently found an incredible brand called 100% pure. Everything they make is legitimately 100% natural, from the earth, made into functional, helpful products.  Thus, I am gradually running out of all the things I use, and they will be replaced with items from 100% pure. In a few months, once I have switched over to my 100% Pure regime (in every sense of the term) I will do a completely updated skincare and makeup routine for you all. 

Also, in other fun news, I DECIDED WHERE I AM GOING TO COLLEGE!!!! And, I am somewhat rapidly becoming a vegan, which is very exciting (post on veganism to come in the future). 

Bye Bye! Hope you all enjoyed, see ya soon. 

Fun Facts From Katie

Oh the joys of a two week holiday break off school. I spent the first week busily trucking around, spending time with family, cooking, working, and sleeping a lot. The second week was full of Netflix and laying in my bed because....I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. Yes. The wonders of life. My experience was very nice to be honest. The doctor and nurses were incredibly kind and gentle, thus I was only slightly bruised, on my face, for the first 3-4 days and my pain was very low. However, my family was disappointed because I did not do anything embarrassing for them to tape on camera and show to the world (thank goodness).

Due to this experience, I got to become creative and I have a few general tips and tricks for you all, simply regarding everyday life, and a few specific to the wisdom teeth removal experience.

1.  Discover what you are passionate about and allow it to become your work. If you try to find work and then force yourself to become passionate about it, you're probably not going to be happy, thus making those around you unhappy.

2. After you have your wisdom teeth removed, use a very soft bristle toothbrush, toothpaste without any whitener or chemicals (this could make your healing take WAY too long), and delicately swish with warm salt water as often as you can.

3. Invest in a high-quality water bottle that supports warm and cold beverages. You will thank it in the long-run.

4. On the seventh of January at 6:00 in the morning, I was getting out of bed and my right leg was completely asleep (I was oblivious to this fact at first) so I stepped onto my left leg, attempted to put weight on my right leg and ended up twisted my ankle around, tripping over my own body and forcefully falling onto the ground. (I am alright, not to worry. I simply have a somewhat skin-less ankle and a loverly bruise).

5. Only buy shoes that are comfortable. If they aren't comfortable, you're wasting money.

6. Warm salt water is your best friend. If you feel a cold coming on, gargle with it. If you recently had your wisdom teeth removed, swish with it. If your sinuses are stuffy, run to the drugstore and buy a $1 bottle of saline spray, and you will be amazed.

7. Forget about what everyone else thinks of you. It's human nature to worry about this, but other's judgments of your personality and character do not determine your true self.

8. Never ride a motorcycle and don't ride bicycles on crowded streets. Simple explanation for this: you are much more likely to live longer if you follow this simple rule.

9. Explore the musical world and find what allows you to jam. Love it, learn it, live it. It doesn't matter if everyone around you listens to and loves pop music. If you're into Indie or Folk then stick with it. This is my current favorite... I'm very into a capella pieces.

10.  Don't be scared to go after what you want. I used to be so shy, I would never even speak in public and this got me nowhere. This is about to sound incredibly cheesy, but.... shoot for the stars and pursue your dreams. Some day, you may click and discover that you have all of the things that encourage your wholesome satisfaction and happiness.

I hope y'all enjoyed this post! Hope to see everyone back soon. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Natural transformation- food and body

Hi world, 
I wanted to share a bit of my life with you all- the piece that has completely changed my world in the past few years. A few years ago, I watched the movie Food Inc. Seeing this gave me the final push off the ledge that I needed the most. I have never been a big meat-eater, and was considering becoming a vegetarian for quite some time. I feel that I originally adopted this new habit because many of my friends were doing the same, and I wanted to be "cool." Now, after three years, I can confidently say this was the best decision for my health. 

I now have a diet that consists of raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, and grain-filled breads. In the last few months, I have been pushing myself away from all animal products, such as: cheeses, eggs, milks, etc. When I was in elementary and middle schools, I had a serious cheese addiction. At the time, I did not realize what exactly it was doing to me, but all of these oily foods really make me exhausted. 

If any of you are thinking of making the switch to raw foods, I think you're a genius. When people find out that I eat such a diet, they generally respond along the lines of, "WHY? Meat is incredible!" Okay, sure, there are people in the world for whom the raw life simply was not made. For me, my skin has become more clear, I wake up early and easily, I am energized all day, my teeth are cleaner, my hair grows faster, and my body feels better in general. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I will answer to the best of my ability! 

Below are a couple of my favorite things. 

This raw sugar reminds me of a warm, summery beach! 

This bottle here is from Whole Foods, but this is sold at basically every health food store, vitamin store, and grocery store in your area. I LOVE coconut oil and use it for practically everything. Click here for a link to a post I made raving about coconut oil. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015....Life is rolling itself right on along

Here I go, starting the year off on the right foot by stealing this photograph from the internet. 

This year is going to bring incredible changes to my life. 

2014 was painful, adventurous, loving, amazing, interesting, weird....about a million different things. I lost many loved ones, completely turned my life sideways, changed my eating habits, started working harder for the things I wanted, and begun the journey of deciding who I am and what I want to do, how I want to impact the world with this life I've been graciously given. 

This year is going to turn my life around 360 degrees (maybe a few times).

 In 3 days, I begin my last semester of high school. 

In a couple of months, I decide where I will attend college. 

After 3 months, I finally get to see the beach again. 

Sometime in between here, I will meet my future roommate and begin yet another journey. 

In 5 short months, I graduate from high school (whoop!) 

A little bit of time after that, I get to travel someplace mindblowingly beautiful. 

After 7 months, I get to shop until my head explodes so that I can create a cozy living space for myself and my roommates in college. 

In the 8th month, I will become a 'legal' adult (I will turn 18 on the 22nd of August ) and also move into and begin college. 

Many new, exciting, different things are to happen in the following year. This journey is going to be a bumpy one, so I ask that you follow along with me and share some of the incredible memories I am determined to discover and conquer this bizarre world. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Bath and Body Works Holiday haul

Hi there everyone! I ordered loads of candles a few weeks ago and thought it was a nice change to share. I was somewhat unsatisfied with this order because all of my pretty glass candles came safely wrapped in bubble wrap, and the one largest one was in a thin cardboard frame and had entirely shattered inside of the box. Luckily, the company was very nice (perhaps because I made received this order a few short days before Christmas- whoop consumer America) and immediately shipped me a new one (in the same faulty package, but it survived the second go around). 

These three little guys are sample size candles. I thought it might be nice to try a few different scents I had never used before, so I opted for the $3 version instead of buying the full-sized $22. 

The red one is Cranberry Woods, blue is Winter, and yellow is Sandalwood citrus
I have to say, I loved the red because it smells really crisp and woody. I got the winter candle simply because I was curious how Bath and Body Works perceived the scent of winter...somewhat to my dismay, it smelled plainly of cinnamon. Finally, I got the mini sandalwood citrus because those two scents are my all-time favorites and I would use that mixture in everything if I could, but sadly this candle hardly puts off any scent (maybe the larger model would put off more).  

This is my favorite candle from Bath and Body works. I LOVE this scent. I think there is something about it that makes me feel like I am surrounded by huge trees, lying in a hammock. It smells like fresh Christmas trees! 

Unfortunately, I am going off to college this year and they do not allow open goodbye candles (but hello college and exciting changes!!). 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Life now-updates

Hi everyone, 
First and foremost I wanted to say that I apologize for the depressing nature of my last post. I am a human being, just as all of you are, and my life is not perfect. There are very stressful times and emotions that are sometimes best when expressed in writing. I hope that you all understand this and that no one was offended by my last post, although this is my own personal show here and I am simply being myself. 

Life these days is crazy busy. Here is what I am up to in the next few weeks. 

This week, I have finals in all seven of my classes and then I will be off school for two weeks and one day. During this break, my wisdom teeth will be removed, a relative from the other side of the world will be living in my house, and much sleep will be done. 

I am planning to start a regular blogging schedule and am working on some new ideas for such posts. 

I ordered many lovely things over the weekend, so those will be shown in 1-3 posts in the coming two weeks. Some of the things I purchased are going to be gifted to my friends, so I will not be posting those until after Christmas has occurred. 

I was accepted to college over Thanksgiving break! Whoop Whoop!! 

I have discovered a new app that allows you to print images from Instagram and your phone library (linked below). I used this already and I am so excited to see how everything comes out. I will do a review of a few apps also in the next few weeks. 

I cannot believe that January and the New Year will be here in a matter of weeks, time is simply flying buy. 

One more semester until I am no longer a high school student (can I get a HALLELUJAH?). 

I recently purchased a new camera that I am loving and plan to get out and about to take some shots that I can share with you all. 

Along my journey the past few years, becoming completely vegetarian and transforming my body into a more natural thing, I have had many difficulties, but I am finally reaching a climax in my process. I have almost entirely cut all un-natural foods out of my diet, my skincare routine is 100% natural, and I have recently begun a routine exercise plan (I will make a post about this also because there is so much to share that I think could benefit you all). 

I have also been thinking deeply about who I have been associating with and the people that I surround myself with and relating this to how I have been feeling the last few months. This has really allowed me to develop a more positive perspective on life and everything that happens to me and the people that I love. I have realized that feeling depressed and sad is something that you force on yourself. Even if you have experienced a continuous stream of horrible, painful things, you should overcome all of this negativity and be strong, do what you love, and allow yourself to live happily because you deserve it. I believe strongly that you should grieve and be sad when the time is right, but do not allow these negative emotions to overcome your life. Change who you are surrounded by and you will be incredibly amazed at the transformation and joy it will bring to your life. 

Finally, I started (yesterday) on a biblical journey. I have committed 100% to reading a portion of the bible every day and I am working on a plan, which will allow me to complete the entire bible in one year. I have tried this three or four times in the past now and every time it has failed, so I just decided that I am going to do it, no excuses. We shall talk about these things in time. 

I wish you all very well, good luck and safe travels in shopping for holiday gifts, whatever holiday you may be celebrating, may you come up with incredibly creative things to make for your loved ones. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I shall see you in a day or so. 


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday thoughts.

Do any of you ever feel like maybe you don't belong here? Perhaps you were supposed to be born at a different time, or maybe a different place. Maybe you feel that you were put where you are because you were made to do something incredible with the people and the places around you. Have you ever thought that you simply don't fit in, like you are the one person in a whole town that thinks differently...that sees the world differently? Well, I am here to let you know that you are in luck, and you are definitely not alone. 

For those of you who just read that and thought something along the lines of, "Oh gross, this is another one of those brats complaining about how she has faced problems in her life." I can assure you, you're wrong. This is about living and finding yourself in a world that has created something of a mold that is very difficult to fit into. 

No, I am not going to rant about when I was a little kid, all of these things happened to me and they enabled me to become who I am now. I simply have a few thoughts I feel need to be shared with whomever decides to stumble upon this. 

Life in 2014 is an incredible thing. Everyone is worried about what everyone else thinks of them, but ask anyone and they will confidently assure you that they have never worried about other's opinions of them (but why did you buy that $400 bag you might ask them... gee, I wonder). I try to persuade myself into thinking that it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks of me, and that I should focus on what I want and what I am interested in, but what am I interested in? We all spend our lives surrounded by media, in all forms, that sends flaming messages to each of us about who we are, and then tells us to "discover ourselves." What the heck does that even mean? 

Who am I? Who are you? Why am I talking to you? I have no idea. You have no idea. Okay, now that we have settled this, let's forget it ever happened. We make friends based on the clothing we wear, the music we like to listen to, and the food we enjoy eating (or not eating), among with a multitude of other things. We shop for things to fill our closets based on the hottest things we have seen on models, in magazines, and what our icons have been sporting around town. 

Why is it that very few people find it fun to spend time in Target and buy whatever makes them feel comfortable? Why is it that a limited number of people in my peer group (teenagers) are comfortable telling their friends no when they don't want to go to that wild party, or when they want to stay in class and try to learn something, or when they actually want to try and work instead of relying on their parents for money or worse, stealing the things they want. Personally, I would feel so much guilt if I did any of those things, I would break down. How can people live with themselves knowing that everything good that they have has come from the hard work of at least one other person and they have simple leeched from that person?

Here is what I have to say. Don't form your opinions based on what your BFFL has posted on Facebook. Use your own brain and think before you shoot your first thoughts out onto the internet (or when you spit things out in person) because they will always be there. If you feel like you don't fit in, walk around a bit and try to find another person who seems like they are in the same situation. Go sit at the table where one kid is sitting all alone and talk to that person. Forget about all of those people you know are judging everything that you do now, because it does not matter. In a week, or a year, or 5 years, nothing you are judged on now is going to be important. Anyone who is selfish enough to judge everything you do is most likely going through something personal and they have no other way to relieve their stress, so blow it off. Let your hair down to blow in the wind. Drive whatever car you want, and you can afford, and don't worry about what people will say about it. Wear the clothing that makes you feel happy and comfortable, especially if it has a personal touch. Spend time with the people who make you laugh, and who you have fun with because that is how you live a full life. Do things that interest you because those who are the most interested and happy with the work they do are those who find success and a life-long dream fulfillment. 

You are you, and that is the only thing that matters.