Friday, April 24, 2015

Somewhat lackluster post, but you should keep reading.

Hello beautiful people! 
I do not have any exciting news for you today, thus I will contain exciting things for next week's post. However, I did not want to leave each of you empty-handed and I am now compiling a list of hilarious videos from the past week that I think any and everyone can and will enjoy. Feel free to share the following with family and friends and enjoy many weekend laughs. I will see you all next week with a massive Vitacost haul. Scroll down for wonderfully entertaining videos! 

"Dad cuts daugher's hair (in 13 seconds flat)"

"Funniest animal fails compilation"

"Can I give you a kiss prank"

"Babies eating lemons for the first time"

"Best fails of the week"
This one is quite frankly scary, but some of them are really funny...the very end is my favorite. 

That is all for this week everyone, see y'all next Friday! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Free pottery, The Beach, and New Favorites

Hello there beautiful people! 

If you noticed, I did not post last week. My apologies, but I was on vacation! My family and I went to the beach in Florida and the location at which we stayed did not have good wifi. Thus, I hardly used my phone, did not ever touch a computer, and only watched HGTV (home improvement shows) for 6 days- this, to be honest, was really nice (to get away from technology and devices for a bit). However, I am back and have quite a few things for you all, so I am going to keep the words to a minimum, let's hit it. 

My grandmother recently moved out of her home, thus we have had many garage sales. Below are many things that I so generously was able to have- most, if not all, of these items will end up living in my dorm room next year. 

Simple clay bowl- i plan to put earrings and rings in her at the end of the day

I loved this little ceramic container! I do not know how I will use it, but keep checking out my blog, you may see it in a dorm tour in a few months. 

My roommate and I are VERY prepared in most, if not all things, that we do so we want to have a first aid kit prepared in our room-just incase. I found this super old, cute tin and thought it would be perfect for this purpose! 

6 super simple blue-tinted glass bowls. 
These will be used as one uses small glass bowls...

4 clay cups

I think these were originally made as a set for drinking sake (Japanese alcoholic beverage), but I will not be partaking in such activities. 

I just really like these cups! 

The bottoms are super cool! Also, my aunt's friends who made these always carved initials and the date of the year into the bottom, so it's like a little piece of history! 

This is a tiny little vase. I gave this little guy to a friend for her b-day. 

Welcome to the beach, my friends. 
As I mentioned earlier, I stayed away from technology while on vacation, thus I only took my camera to the beach one time (also it was VERY crowded and overcast during the days, so I never would have gotten a good photo), so I took these pictures as the sun was setting. This makes for very interesting looking photos because of the way the camera works in night light (I have a digital camera). I hope y'all enjoy because I think they look rather bizarre and neat! 

The sunset

I told my sister to stand still and then run away, and this image was created. She appears to be just a shadow of a ghost. 

So many dead/ partially live jellyfish washed up one day, it was crazy. This little guy was about the size of my thumbnail (the nail on my thumb, not the computer thumbnail). 

My sis found this teeny little sand dollar. 

I also have three brand new favorites. About a month ago, I discovered this website through a blogger I follow, as well as the scrub. I am loving the website because it gives such great discounts on natural products! Basically, the site, Vitacost, provides natural products, dried foods, and supplements that are sold in common health stores at greatly discounted prices. 

This scrub is INCREDIBLE! I use this 3-4 times a week and my skin has begun to improve a lot. It helps to remove dead skin, brighten the skin, and remove pigmentation from acne scars. From the Acure website and Whole Foods, this is $16. I got it on Vitacost for $4.50. If that does not encourage you enough to purchase from Vitacost, they sometimes have double savings marked off, as well as coupon codes, and weekly sales (this week is 12% off, click here to check it out). 

I was getting really sick of using nasty deodorant with aluminum in it, and I could not justify paying $11 for deodorant (from 100% pure, which I am sure is a fantastic product for anyone who can justify the cost). This little guy was on sale for $2.99, retail price is around $4 without taxes included. I have to say, this is just a deodorant so it does not stop sweating, this has completely eliminated any smell from my underarms. Even post-workout when I am dripping sweat (I mowed the lawn 2 times with this on and did not smell) I do not smell at all. The tea tree oil and lavender work really well together to consistently remove odor. This is WAY better than any generic deodorant I have ever used and I have tried every brand. 

I hope everyone enjoyed this post! Hope to see y'all back here next week! Feel free to leave a comment below with post suggestions. Thanks! 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Let's get a little bit personal.

Hello beautiful people, 
Welcome to another exciting post on Hidden Beauty! 

I have decided to do something slightly more personal than usual, and this is going to be somewhat short. Earlier today, I was watching a video by HelloKaty on Youtube. She spoke about how she has been bullied her entire life and all of the struggles that we allow ourselves to endure every single day for absolutely no reason. If you do not know me personally, you may not know that I am one of those people who avoids confrontations at all costs. I completely condone being mean to other people and thus people tend to hack on me a lot because they know I am not going to do anything back to them. Generally, my "friends" are the ones who give me the most crap and I am too kind to say anything rude to them, so I generally give them advice and just let the hurt pile up onto me, only to be released when nobody else is looking. 

Why is it that the kindest people in this world are the ones who no longer are allowed to get anything? I am terrified to have my name said in my math class when I am the only person in the class who passed, because I am positive that everyone is going to flip out about it. It is impossible for me to be noticed in my classes in which I must be noticed in order to get a proper "participation" grade. How do we say that we are a progressive society, that all people are equal, but then absolutely destroy and beat on those who are easy targets? The only way to become truly equal is to allow all people to express themselves for who they are and not be afraid to let them do just that. I should be allowed, as everyone else should be allowed, to act in all public places in the exact same manner with which I act when I am home with my family. We should all be comfortable being able to make good grades, and think we look pretty in a certain picture, and express our absolute and unique bizarre characters in public, safely knowing that nobody is going to tell us that we are less than everyone else. Those who are insecure, or jealous, or simply mean and vile and want to push others down in order to glorify themselves need to let loose and realize that they are nothing better than anyone else. 

If you are being bullied or you experience people who are constantly judging you and blaming you because you are the easy way out, just forget about them. It is not worth your time and emotion to worry about some person who is so nasty on the inside that they cannot express love and they choose to hate on everything around them. Forget about the hurt they try to cause you because if you do not recognize it and you do not retaliate, they can only hurt you and push you down as much as you allow them to. 

So today, I ask you all this one thing: Believe in yourself and never let hate control you. 

Spend more time with your parents because they love you more than any other human being in the world, and they always know what is best. Don't worry about what anybody thinks because the only thing that matters is what you think about yourself, and I promise, you are fantastic. Allow your true self to shine through and the people that will honestly love you and share incredible friendships with you will appear without any effort. You should never have to try to get somebody to love you. Love is something that should be easy and natural and hilarious because honesty creates a magical bond. So let yourself be free, take some deep breaths, smile, and tell yourself that you are a magnificently made creature and rid your life of negative relationships that are pulling you down. If this means you end up spending more time with your parents until that best friend really shows up, so be it because those moments are precious. 

Breathe deeply, Love strongly, and Live with great intent. 
You can conquer the world by simply believing in yourself. 

Thanks, I am so grateful for each and every one of you, and I wish you all the best. 
I am now on spring break, so I am off school for the next week!! 
Next Friday will be a glorious post full of beautiful photos! 
Have an incredible weekend and I will see y'all next Friday! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

My top 10 picks for a safe & fun spring break

Hello beautiful people! 

As for many of you, it is spring break time. My spring break has not happened yet, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to share some of my favorite things that I will be taking with me on spring break. If your holiday has already happened, you may simply carry on these ideas for the summer, or use them during the year (they all still apply for non-holiday times). I love and rely on these simple things and I hope they will help y'all out! 

This is fantastic because it is in a small bottle so it will not take up space, but also instead of taking tons of makeup and brushes on your holiday, you may simply toss this into your bag and use your fingers to melt a bit of it into your skin. It will provide a warm glow for a night out with friends, minimal effort required and the only clean up is to replace the cap and wash your hands. 

This is a fantastic invention! Whomever decided it was smart to put sunscreen in stick form was very intelligent. This little SPF stick is simple to apply, you can roll it onto your skin without getting your hands dirty, and throw it into any bag and be on your way. However, this is great for your face, but I would get a lotion or mist for the body (just imagine how long it would take to spread this tiny stick of SPF along your entire body). 

I chose the ivory sandals because they will match any outfit! I do not have my own pair of these sandals yet, but I plan to purchase them prior to my spring break. I first heard of them on Shark Tank, while watching in my economics class, and I have been checking them out online. These are genuine leather sandals, made in Uganda by a non-profit that sends all of it's employees to college. This company is incredible and the products they create have a very high reputation. I am excited to try out the sandals ASAP! Check out their website and story here

This is a fantastic investment for a trip because you can wear it as a cover-up to the beach, or throw on sandals and wear it out to dinner. I love the beachy print on this dress and the fact that it has a slit so the breeze will keep you cool at any time of day. Also, a multi-functional dress will leave more room in your bag for other fun things. 

One thing I love about Vera Bradley is that they always have things on sale. As long as you are willing to go out of your comfort zone and get any sort of pattern, there are specific patterns of each bag design that are always on sale. This bag is handy because it has a cross-body strap, a small outer pocket for things you need to keep close, and a giant inner pocket to throw everything into. The best part is that you can dump your supplies out of this bag and into a drawer, and use this as a tote to the beach. The fabric is completely washer-safe! 

This little bar is tremendously helpful. In order to maximize space in your travel bag, get a facial soap bar that you can toss into a jar and then you can use it to wash your face, your body, and even your hair. If you are freaked out by changing your hair routine, just bring along some of your own shampoo. 

Just so you have a little extra fun on spring break, and also avoid doing something you may regret and getting a permanent tattoo, get some of these little henna tubes. Jagua sells kits of dye. All you have to do is screw on the thin tip and design away. Your temporary tattoos will last up to 3 months, but your parents can be reassured knowing that you do not have a permanent ink mark on your skin. 

This bikini is a fantastic investment because it can safely double as a top (hey, if you're at the beach you may as well take advantage of it). Athleta is a great women's swim suit brand because it is made tough and you can feel comfortable knowing that your top is not going to fly off into the ocean. Click here to check out the super cute back on this swimsuit! 

I love Clif bars because they are so easy to grab and go and feel safe that you are eating something healthy for you and natural. Personally, the full-sized adult Cliff bars are too much for me to eat in one meal (I am only 5' 2" and I cannot hold much food) so I have taken to eating the kid bars. These are organic and very healthy, but they all taste like sweet cookies and desserts. One box of these will last for you and friend to share for the whole week (snacking only, eat some fruit and veggies also!). 

Technology is a wonderful thing, is it not? This water bottle is perfect because it will keep your drink cold for many hours, and it has a autoseal lid so you will not lose any of that fresh water out on the salty beach (it's very important to stay hydrated, especially in the sun). Also, there is a little snap-close pocket for your keys/key card or any other small items that may fit in it. This will most definitely come in handy! 

I discovered an app called Think Dirty via a blog that I follow and this app is really going to benefit me. For anyone who is trying to be more health-conscious in regards to the products used on the body, this app allows you to scan/search for your product and will give a detailed rating of the product and all of the ingredients in it. The products are rated on a scale of 0-10, 0 being the most pure and 10 being the most toxic and dangerous. All of the body products I have shared today have a rating of 2 or 1 on this scale!! Y'all should download this app here and start scanning away to see what you are really using on your skin! 

I hope you all have enjoyed and that this will be helpful to many of you preparing for a safe spring break journey. Have a spectacular weekend and I will see y'all next week! 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Think about it: How we live our lives

Hello beautiful people! 

So, I have been reflecting on many things in recent days. 
I have begun thinking more about the future, realizing the massive toll we, as humans, have on this incredible planet, and have become quite overwhelmed with the sheer stupidity of the human race. Granted, I am a human being. 

Have any of you ever really thought about where your food comes from or how you get water and electricity and all of your "necessary" utilities? Maybe you would like to know the history behind the long journey that commodities trek before they ever make it to us. Perhaps place yourself in the shoes of a person who lives in a poor village in a developing country and has little access to simple things, that we take for granted, like water. I have long been concerned with the impact my existence has on this earth. Frankly, I do not harm the planet nearly as much as millions of other people, but I live in the outskirts of a highly developed city, in a densely populated, urban area. In my environmental science class, we have been watching a film called "Flow." This film follows the stories of many poor people living in developing countries who had a natural resource, water, stolen from them. Big name companies were telling locals that they could not claim water as their own by building agriculture-boosting veins and wells of mud. These companies were attempting to tell other humans that they were not allowed to use the water and the companies owned it. Instead of doing anything to help these people who were barely able to get by, the companies collected the water, making it the only local water available, forcing these innocent people to pay. Is it not sickening that out of sheer greed and selfishness, people who end up in places of high power feel that it is morally justified to displace millions of people every year so that they may make a profit off of natural resources, provided to us by this earth? I feel disgusted to even think that instead of providing simple supplies that could benefit millions of people in thousands of locations, greedy government officials and other peoples in high power decide to waste massive amounts of money in one location on a pointless, polluting project and then grunt in despair when they cannot come to a consensus on how to help other countries that desperately need help. All that I ask is that we take a step back. Time yourself the next time you take a shower, and then calculate how many gallons of water you just wasted (2.1 gallons per minute, on average) that could have grown plants, or kept a starving child alive, or fed more water into the ocean to continue the cycle. 

Shockingly, technology has only improved, but people are getting dumber. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall. I cannot walk through the hallways at my school without getting shoved, hit, or pushed into something at least once between every class period. The daze of the cell phone has absolutely pushed teenagers, and many adults, into complete submission and lack of recognition of surroundings. Unfortunately, everyone with a cell phone has, at one time or another, gone into the cell phone trance. It simply astounds me to recognize that kids no longer have any manners, very few people will look you in the eyes during conversation, and any potential for boredom immediately encourages whipping out the magical cell phone. I see friends, couples, families out to dinner or simply sitting next to one another and each one using a separate electronic device. How insulting and uncomfortable would it be to go out on a proper date with someone, only to have them using a cell phone? Children are being neglected because parents can now occupy themselves with cell phone games instead of raising children properly. I can count on one hand the number of people I know who read actual paper books (big shocker right?). As I have heard in many videos, articles, etc., "Smart phones, dumb people." The age of technology was intended to enable us to get in touch more easily when necessary, not to eliminate all personal interaction and automate everything we do. Next time you feel awkward in a situation, do not pull out your phone and start a game to pass the time. Try talking to someone near you, they may become your best friend in the future, but that opportunity could have been missed had you simply taken to silence and the electronics. Attempt things outside of your comfort zone, you may be surprised with what you might find. 

Take a few steps back and look at yourself. Realize just how incredibly privileged we all are to come home to a safe environment where we have electronic devices that give us access to the entire world, constant streams of power and electricity and confidence that we can go to the tap at any time and a stream of water will appear. We are incredibly blessed to live such enabled lifestyles. Although it seems to be difficult, even through stressors and hard times, we are still immeasurably fortunate to be gifted with the simple resources we have. Next time you are feeling down, reflect on yourself a bit, stop judging everyone around you, put your cell phone down for five minutes, and thank God and this majestic earth on which we live for all of the incredible gifts it gives us.  

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and a wonderful week next week. I will see y'all on Friday.

P.S.- In my post last week, I wrote about DIY toothpaste with baking soda. I have had to eliminate that method. I used it for about 36 hours before my mouth began to bleed and my gums were swelling. The amount of baking soda was simply irrationally too high, and thus I ended up scrubbing significant portions of my mouth too roughly. I am back to my Honest Company toothpaste and my mouth has healed itself. Thank goodness!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Yarn garland, pretty soap & DIY toothpaste

Hi there beautiful people! 
So I began making this little garland for my dorm room. I am making two of them and depending on how much wall space we end up with, they may or may not be used. However, they are very cute! Here is how to make them. 

-Get various colors of yarn, similar thickness 
-Cut an 8 foot long piece, this will be your base
-Cut many 2-3 feet pieces (choose a size and stick with it) *I used 30, the number depends on the length of the base that you cut*

Tape your base string onto the wall. 
Tie each smaller string onto the big string, spacing each one evenly apart. 

If you are planning to tape your garland to the wall, you can skip this step. 
If you are hooking it to the wall, tie a small loop onto the very end of the string. 

Take the second and third string and tie them in a knot, leaving space above. 
Take the fourth and fifth strings, tie them in a knot. 
Continue this all the way across the string. 
Repeat 2-5 times, depending on how much yarn you have. 

When you have tied multiple rows of knots, it will look somewhat like this. 
I think a thicker string would look even better, but I used a thinner, more inexpensive yarn. 

I really enjoy the color combination that I chose. 

The colors I picked out are red, peach, and white. 
The second garland is blue, light green, and dark green. 

This is extremely random, but last weekend, my sister needed new soap. 
I found this Kiss my Face soap at Whole Foods for her.
It is olive oil and lavender and it smells fantastic. 

My sister really loved the emblem of the company name on this soap bar, so she asked if I would share it on my blog. Here it is, hope you all enjoy this soap! :) 

DIY 3-ingredient toothpaste: 

You need: 
-2 tbsp. coconut oil
-2 tbsp. baking soda
-10 drops peppermint oil 

You will also need a container, or multiple containers, to put your toothpaste in. 

Begin by measuring the coconut oil into a glass bowl. 
Place that bowl over a boiling pot of water and allow the oil to melt. 

I made 5 times of this recipe, so I used 4 small containers. 
You can use glass containers, but I did not want mine to break in the bathroom, so I am using plastic. 

Once your coconut oil is completely melted, pour in the baking soda. 
Stir the mixture together. 
If it seems to be very watery, add a pinch more of baking soda. 
Add in the peppermint oil. 
Stir well

I transferred my mixture from the glass bowl into a pouring container. 
I then filled each little container and spaced them out to cool. 
The challenge is now making sure that the baking soda does not sink as the coconut oil hardens. 
You will now need to stir the mixture every 5 minutes or so until it begins to thicken. 
Once it begins to thicken, I stuck mine into the fridge. 
After 20 minutes, they were completely solid. 

Here is your final product. 
I live in Georgia, so it is humid and warm almost all of the time, so I have no problem getting this mixture onto my toothbrush. However, if you live in a cold climate, you may need to keep a spoon handy so that you may scoop some product out and transfer it to your toothbrush. 
I have now been using this for three days and I love it! 
Toothpaste is so difficult to find completely natural and I feel WAY safer making my own because I can completely control the ingredients in it. My teeth are so white and sparkly and feel extremely clean. I hope you all enjoy this post! 

Have an incredible week and I will see y'all back here next Friday! 

Honest Company & 100% Pure essentials

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my natural necessities. 
I have been EXTREMELY excited to go to college and thus purchased a few things online. I got a few necessary cleaning supplies, as well as makeup to replace the items that I ran out of recently. 

I have used these now for a few laundry loads and I have to say, I love these. They are super simple, have no fragrance or dies, and are completely natural. I feel much cleaner using this detergent because my skin is so sensitive, most detergents aggravate my skin. Also, you simply throw one of these into the drum of the washer, then place the items into the drum, and wash. 

Since I will be in college soon, I thought it would be the best idea to find a good cleaner that my roommates and I can all share and use on many surfaces. The spray lid of this bottle was broken, so I decided to go ahead and try it out while I am still at home. It smells incredible, cleans everything, and it only takes about 10 mists to clean my entire bathroom. 

I got this hand sanitizer in my first Honest Company purchase and these are my favorites. I love the convenience of a sanitizing spray- it can be used on your hands or misted onto surfaces/clothing that may be germy. Also, the mist lasts much longer than any gel or liquid sanitizer. I purchased four of these, so I now have 5 extras and 1 that I am currently using...too much? I don't think so. 

I was attracted to these because they are reusable! You can use one cloth for two loads of laundry, so one package does twice the work. They are biodegradable, plant based, damp cloths. Simply toss one cloth into the dryer, pull it out when that load is finished, and pop it into your second load. 

I do not use air freshener very often, but it is somewhat of a necessity to have around for college. You are not allowed to use anything with an open flame on my college's campus, so air mist it is! This will be great to use for the bathroom and the bedroom, and the bottle is huge, so we will be able to share and use it for the whole year. Also, lavender and vanilla smell absolutely incredible! 

So...eye cream. This is somewhat of a sensitive topic among skincare products. Some eye creams are horrible and way too thick, while others are practically water. I was gifted a sample of this in my first 100% Pure online order, and I loved it! I read about it online and everyone absolutely raved about it! I have to say, I was worried that it would smell really strongly of coffee- I do not like coffee at all- but it is a really calming vanilla scent. I use a tiny dab of this under each eye every night. Although I am only 17, it is best to start preventing wrinkles early (use eye cream, oil moisturizers, and pat instead of rubbing). To sum everything up, USE THIS EYE CREAM. 

As someone who likes very minimal makeup, if any, I love products that work for everyday, last all day, and do not irritate my skin. This mascara smells like fresh blackberries, never flakes or comes off, and when it is time to wash it off, it simply glides right off. My eyes have never thanked me enough. Also, I have huge eyelashes, but this product is the best lengthening mascara I have ever used. 

The tube is a very sleek, silver, bullet-like tube. I like it!!! 

My one request in the makeup world has finally been answered by this mascara. I have always been bothered by the fact that the opening of the tube is wider than the actual brush, so extra formula always ends up on the brush, leading to clumping on the lashes. THANK THE LORD (slightly dramatic, but it made me very happy) this brush is larger than the opening, so all extra product is pulled off prior to exiting the container= never any clumping on the lashes. Thank you 100% Pure. 

Again, I really do not like having heavy foundation on my face. It makes me feel dirty and weighed down. This powder is extremely creamy, matches my skin, feels very lightweight and moisturizing, and lasts all day long. 

This formula has actually benefited my skin, instead of causing irritation or blemishes. I am excited to try out some of the liquid foundations by 100% Pure and see how they work for my skin. 

100% Pure complimentary samples in: 

I tried this and immediately decided to purchase a full size bottle. This smells like everything sweet and supple in the world. It is so fresh and sweet and moisturizing. Also, it does not take much- I moisturized my entire body with this tiny sample. 

I cannot provide a personal review of the shampoos, as I do not use shampoo on my hair. I did, however, give these two samples to my mother. She was initially very set back and responded by saying, "How in the world am I supposed to wash all of my hair with this tiny thing?" The next morning, after she showered, she exclaimed, "My head was like a tropical rainforest with pineapples and freshness (and then a bunch of ridiculous descriptors)." Thus, this shampoo seems to be a fantastic product. The kelp&mint version is sold out every time I look on the website. 

I hope this necessity haul has helped you all discover more natural, good for you products. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all back soon!