Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My rendition of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"

Hi everyone, 
I recently wrote a poem essay based off of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by: T.S. Eliot. It is based on personal experience and conflict in my life. A few lines (3-4 lines) are exact replicates of the line at that place in the Eliot poem and I am not at all attempting to claim those words as my own. I felt compelled to share this with you all, it may be interesting to you, or it may not be. However you find this, I simply desire the free share of ideas and you may form your opinion of what I have to say. I do ask one thing, If you do not have anything nice to say, please do not say anything. I hope you all enjoy this little poem I wrote, If you have any comments, feel free to leave them in the comment box below! Have a great remainder of the week! 

Look and glance, we all stare
Where the glowing light is reflecting its glare
Like her final look upon the sky;
Leaving us to give our last goodbye
The sniffled breaths
Of hopeless souls in the cold summer air
And cheap black cotton with glimmering pearl chains
Cards flip along like a never-ending game
Of ridiculous repetition
To push you closer to disbelief in the decided function…
Oh, do not think, “Why am I?”
Let you be you and I am I.

Along the walls clear phantoms sob and weep
Remembering all the riches and such sweet sweets.

The black soot that flops its ears upon the trees
The black ash that taps its toes upon the leaves
Lends its hatred into the parties of the evening
Lingering upon the shoulders of our sleeves,
Let fail the black pain that stings through the veins,
Stinging only one, passing safely over the others,
And sinking into the heat of the cool fall night,
Ran once out of the building, and collapsed with a fright.

And again they will return with more and more to say
For the blackness never fails, it scares and runs away,
Flopping its ears upon the trees;
Never shall it end, never shall it cease
To prepare a young girl to meet the girls that you meet;
There where she has time to start fresh anew,
And time to forget each forgotten goodbye was never given,
The hope for the day when she would walk through the door;
Tried first again and second and again some more,
And tried for half a lifetime, it seems it was a chore,
And for six years she was lost and gone,
Before the setting sun told her she was done.

Along the walls clear phantoms sob and weep
Remembering all the riches and such sweet sweets.

And indeed there will be time
To wonder, “Did I try?” and, “Do I matter?”
Time to chase and erase and follow up the ladder,
With a hole in her heart in the center of the core
(They will say: “How her wants do not matter!”)
My shining pleats, my golden necklace secured safely around the hem,
My velvet heavy and rich, but assumed only a whim
(They will say: “How her heart and mind are only just a trick!”)
Did I dare
Disrupt the equality?
In a conversation there are pricks
For destroying and controlling which bring an end to all that is knowing.

For I have heard each one shouted among the silence:
Have known the friends, the mothers, and the child,
I have tiptoed along the thin barbed wire;
I feel the soul slip from her slipping grasp
Below the ground and into the gutter.
   So who will I become?

And I have lived with the ailing few already, seen each one
Ailing that adorn bright satins and gold and green
(But in the sunlight, drowning in false beliefs!)
Is it hope from this place,
That makes me fall without much grace?
Ailing that lie and lay around the stone, or consist to press harder.
   And then should I become?
   And how should I fight?

Should I tell them, I have pulled at dawn through tiny creaks
And seen form the devil which lies inside of thee
Of helpless women in freedom please, laying across the tiny breeze?...

I should have been the Violet girl
Invisibly moving along through this world.

And the mothers, the children, believe in such perfection!
Scattered about my lingering protections,
Alone… confused… or just bewildered,
Straining for the door, here far between you and I.
Shall I, before you need more treats and cigars,
Help the friends who pushed our life through the bars?
But though I helped and guarded, helped and caved,
Though I wished never a day (so sharp and soon) wrapped in paper,
I am no Cleopatra—and she shall not falter,
I saw everything I tried fall from the ladder,
And I rose up again the beliefs, this matters,
And each day, I fell farther.

And would it have been worth it, after all,
After the fights, the lies, the sugarcoated ties,
Along the straight, pristine lines, along performance between the grime,
Would we have been worth the time,
To have forgotten the thoughts we shared in crime,
To have shoved the beliefs, you in mine,
To push them along the tightrope line,
To say: “I am just fine, bring me my wine,
Bringing back to show my class, I believe in my prize”—
If once, leaving a secret note by the door,
  She’ll say; “I need nothing from none but myself;
  I get all I want, the list none from you.”

And would it have been worth it, after all,
Would it have been worth time,
After the walks through the black and the sand and the foam,
After the pictures, after the years, after the canvases framing no more—
And these, and those, and mine forgotten long before? –
Incredibly I teach and preach and remain misunderstood!
But as if a light shone down on hopes destroyed what was never more:
Would it have been worth while
If once, she rested here or stayed a thought,
And looking back in the mirror, should say:
   “I need nothing from none but myself;
   Forgotten all lost among myself.”

No! I am not sweet perfection, never could I be;
Am a simple child, one who pleads, longs, and pleas
To swarm around a problem, suggest a help to you,
Advice to soothe the reigning queen, not yet, once worked on you.
Decisive, forced into a great misuse,
Potentially dangerous, destructive, and discouraging;
False beliefs in you, but quite the lot can do;
Almost always, indeed, contagious—
At the beach, this time, the Rule.

I fall apart… I fell apart…
I sneak across the tightrope slick.

Should I hide beneath this column fake? Do I trot across this glowing mane?
I shall wear black linen veils, and run against the wind.
I have heard the sailor sings and sails, but only to begin.

I never think again, the water envelopes my skin.

I have thought of the last triumphant joy
Regretting submission to your ploy, when we had but a minute to enjoy,
But our time wasted, utterly destroyed.

We have longed for the return to the magnificent day
By glitzy beads and smelly things, seeping across each shore
Though punishing eyes condemn us, and we abhor.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend glance and Target replenishing haul

Hello folks!! This weekend has been a very busy one, but I managed to squeeze in a quick run to the Target on Saturday. I got a few normal everyday necessities, but I thought I might share with you all. Hope you enjoy! 

Tazo Iced Passion Tea  This Tea is incredible. I decided to purchase my own box of tea bags so it would be less expensive for me. Since I have been so busy lately, there have been a lot of Starbucks runs. I do not like coffee (OOooo shocker...sorry coffee lovers, I just don't enjoy it at all) so I usually go for a low calorie iced drink. I have found myself getting this, at Starbucks it is called the Shaken Iced Passion Tea, and I just realized what a waste of money it was when I could buy the same exact thing in the store and make massive amounts of it to keep at home at all times. It has a very distinct sweet fruit taste, but it is just tangy enough to not be too sweet. I love this cold tea! 

Tazo peachy green organic hot tea  I have never had this tea before, but Target had a buy two for $6 deal on the Tazo teas so I figured, why not. I will make a post sometime in the future just about hot tea, it's a lovely thing. 

Obviously, I wear deodorant. I have a strange habit of feeling the need to purchase new deodorant every other time I go to Target (about once every month), but a few months ago I realized I was just throwing a lot of it away because it did nothing for me and just irritated my skin. I recently discovered that Degree deodorant works the best for me, and Target had a double pack, which was only a dollar or so more than an individual, so I said why not. I have been using this for a few days now and it smells fresh all day long and it does the job. Degree Motion Sense shower clean deodorant antiperspirant

Don't deny it ladies, most all of us get that little bit of annoying peach fuzz above our lips. It is usually okay for women who have light colored natural hair, so it is not visible. However, I have extremely dark hair so mine is visible. I like to go in about once every two months with these handy little wax strips and remove all of that hair. I love these because they are the only brand I have found that does not torture my sensitive skin, they are fool-proof, and they come in very handy packaging. One thing I have noticed is that you MUST wash your face and make sure you do not have any makeup or moisturizer or anything on your skin immediately prior to using these. I have made the mistake of not washing my face two times when I used these and it makes them not work as easily and leaves your skin with a lovely red irritation. I am not positive about this affect though, it may just be from my extremely sensitive skin. I would recommend these for anyone-they also come in larger pads which can be used for arm or leg hair or anywhere else on the body. Nads facial wax strips 24 count 

I have been using this GIANT bottle of Pantene shampoo that I found at Sam's Club (this massive super supply store where I live) sometime in November of last year.... yes, it was so massive, I used it for five months before it ran out. I have always been the secret lover of Herbal Essences hair products. They leave a magnificent smell in your shower, and your hair for the entire day, which I love. Also, they do their job very well and they are extremely inexpensive for hair products. I bought this Hydralicious kind because it came in a lovely two pack and it looked really cute. OH another wonderful benefit of these shampoos is how they spice up your shower. My plain white, boring shower looks so peppy and happy every morning now that I have these purple twirly beauties. To sum things up, I love these hair products and I recommend them for everyone. Herbal Essences has specific products for every type of hair and hair style and every scent desire, so they are perfect for anyone and everyone. Herbal Essences hydralicious de-damage boost 

I have been using the Aveeno body lotion for as long as I can remember, but I recently got sick of it. I continue to use the little tube to keep in my purse, but the price of a 12 oz. bottle is ridiculous so I decided to find something else I could use. As many of you know, I am sure, the beach is by far my favorite place in the world so whenever I can bring the smell into my home, I take the opportunity. I found this at Target, it was the best price of all the lotions, the largest size, and it works for my sensitive skin. I have to say, I have been smelling my skin all weekend. The sweet coconut smell is very light, but it lingers on the skin all day long and it is just heavenly. Also, the moisturizer absorbs quickly and I have to say, it does a better job than the super expensive Aveeno lotion. The best thing is that St.Ives has about twenty different types and scents of lotions so it works for everyone. I HIGHLY recommend this lotion. Go get some and join me in the beachy fest all day long! St.Ives Naturally Indulgent Coconut Milk and Orchid Extract body lotion 

I ran out of my Altoids this past week and decided to try this new flavor. I don't like the waste produced, and the amount of trash you have to carry around all the time, with gum, so i usually grab for mints. Altoids are my favorite, mainly because there is an endless possibility of uses for the adorable canisters once all the mints are gone. 

This is just my toothpaste. Lovely right! I have been using Tom's natural organic toothpaste (jazzy sounding right), and I was getting down to the very bottom of my last tube. I was wandering around the toothpaste aisle in Target looking at prices and I realized how ridiculous of me it was to be paying almost $5 for a little tiny 4 oz. tube of Tom's toothpaste. I said what the heck forget it, who needs organic toothpaste when only a minuscule amount of the toothpaste is ingested. I opted for this Crest generic toothpaste which was only $2. 

It is that time of year where everyone I know is sick. I, being the always prepared person in the friend group, decided to pick up another grand pack of these handy travel packs of Kleenex at Target. They are so easy to just throw in my handbag and pull out very quickly when a friend needs one. Plus, the packages are adorable! Love these. 

Since I am a vegetarian. I eat a lot of greek yogurt, nuts, and fish to get proteins. In the morning, I eat one of these Muller Greek Corner yogurts. This package is so convenient. The larger corner has the plain greek yogurt in it and the tiny corner has a fruit jam like filling in it. I like to take a bit of the fruit on my spoon and then get yogurt and take a bite. These are great on the go, at home, and for any time of the day. Also, they have a flavor that everyone will like. Every time I go to the grocery store, I feel like they have a new flavor. 

As I said, I love nuts to fulfill my protein needs. This lovely trail mix by Planters is so handy for a quick, filling snack and it's the perfect mix of sweet and salty. Planter's Nutrition Energy Mix 

I have to say, I love honey. With five people in my house, we go through food very quickly, and honey is number one on the list. I put honey in everything-on toast, in my yogurt, on fresh fruit, in hot tea, in smoothies, on peanut butter sandwiches, etc. It is the perfect natural sweetener and you only need a tiny bit. 

This is how I eat my greek yogurt in the mornings-when I am feeling fancy enough to take it out of the container and put it into a bowl (not very often). I believe this flavor was the peach flavor. 

I like to make something for breakfast on the weekends, since during the week my breakfast is usually whatever I can grab on the way out the door. This Saturday, I made two open-face sandwiches. I had two slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, honey, and one sliced banana. I threw in a bit of the energy trail mix to get my day going. 

I hope you all enjoyed this little peek at my weekend and my Target essentials. I wish you all very well and hope you have an incredible week. Find something newly beautiful. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

LUSH and Tarte New Products

Hello everyone, I recently cleaned through all of my beauty supplies and minimized my things. I gave most everything I did not want, or use, to my mother and for compensation, she decided she would purchase a brand new Tarte item for me. I have been hearing all about this brand new Tarte matte palette and the packaging is just so beautiful, I figured I would give it a try. After considerable thought and review of the palette, I decided I would most certainly get a ton of use out of it, so I went for it. 

My boyfriend's birthday was this past week and I made him a few marbled cards. They turned out pretty well so I decided to share. I will be doing a how-to on these marbled cards very soon! 

This is the lovely box in which it comes. I love the beautiful colors and natural look of the box and the adorable handwriting "MATTE" title makes it feel very relaxed.  

This is the actual cover of the palette-beautiful right! I currently have this palette stored away in my makeup bag, but it is so pretty, it would most definitely look amazing sitting out on the vanity. I love this natural rock look and it is something so simple and beautiful, everyone can love it! 

In this palette, there are six eyeshadows, two powder eyeliners, one blush, and a double-ended eyeshadow brush. I had to do a double take the first time I saw this palette because it is only $36... ONLY THIRTY-SIX DOLLARS! That may not seem like a good price to those of you who live off of drugstore brands (which I think is marvelous!), but all of these products individually would be worth around $100. Just the blush in this package sells individually for $32. 

The blush color is ELEVATED, the eyeliner colors (left to right) are DREAM IN CHOCOLATE and DON'T STAND BLACK, the eyeshadow colors (top row left to right, bottom row left to right) are SAND OUT FROM THE CROWD, PEACH FOR THE STARS, TWO PLUMS UP, PINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, ROSE TO THE OCCASION, VIEW FROM THE TAUPE. 

I have to say I have been using this palette now for about a week and this is by far my favorite blush color. Tarte makes the most incredible long-lasting blushes, but this color is perfect. The problem I have had in the past is that my skin is so pale and freckled that I look silly if I wear makeup with a lot of shimmer in it, so finding the right blush is really difficult for me. Almost all of the Tarte blushes have some amount of shimmer to them, ranging from very very shimmery to a tiny hint of a glow, but this blush is completely matte and perfect. It melts into the skin and gives a simple, natural glow to your cheeks. I LOVE this product! 

Along with what I said about the difficulties I have with blush, eyeshadows, for some reason, always have sparkle in them. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE glitter...a lot, but there are times when glitter is not something you want. For me, those times are when I am applying makeup on my eyes and cheeks, I want them to be natural-looking, not sparkly (unless it's a special occasion). I have to say, I LOVE this palette. The shadow colors simply enhance natural features and they look great on every skin tone. I have to say, Tarte is really good at making products to appeal to every single skin tone, condition, and desires. 

In all, I say everyone NEEDS to hunt down this palette ASAP! It is limited edition and most beauty supply stores have already cleared them all out and the websites have removed this palette also. It is still available online, you just may have to do a bit of searching. Good Luck! 

I went to LUSH last weekend, when I went into the mall to get my Sephora item, because I have been in need of a really good, inexpensive, gentle face mask. I have incredibly sensitive, dry skin and every face mask, out of a package, I have used was extremely harsh and irritating and dried out my skin. I had a nice conversation with one of the lovely women at LUSH and told her all of my skin-related problems. I have now used this mask about three times and I have to say, it is incredible. It is supposed to help with blemishes, dry skin, and sensitivity, while making your skin glow. I highly recommend this mask for anyone with sensitive skin. It has done wonders for me already and I have only been using it for one week. 

It does not look extremely good, but it smells like sweet, fresh, baked banana bread and cookies. It is like smelling a delicious candle for the ten minutes it rests on your face, and the delicious scent lingers for a few hours after use. I love it! 

I hope you all enjoyed this, leave a comment down below for any thoughts, suggestions, or requests. Thanks and have an incredible week! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sephora Tarte and Josie Maran Haul

Hello friends! I have recently become rather frustrated with all of the different face washes and cleansers I had been using in my routine. I had gotten used to using makeup remover wipes, gel cleanser in the mornings, cream cleanser at night, sunscreen moisturizer in the morning, cream moisturizer at night, and toner at night. All of those products were way too much for me to keep up with, purchase, and use on a daily basis. I decided to condense and move to the natural side, making my life much easier. Here is my story. 

This is my everyday natural makeup look using the primer, eyeshadow, mascara (listed below) along with my bb cream, and the rest of my normal makeup look. 

Here are all of the colors swatched (right to left). 

I love that the colors in this box are so simple, but versatile. The lightest color is matte and very closely matches my skin tone, making it a great highlighter. The sparkly peach shade is great for all over the lid, while the golden sparkly shade defines the crease perfectly, wonderful for the outer v-shape. I know some people who like a more defined look would use the dark brown for a contour color, but I prefer to use a thin eyeliner brush and press this into a thin line alone my upper lashline. This shadow quad is a must! 

From left to right the colors are form, raw sugar, espresso, and roast. 

I've been rather hesitant lately to make the switch to a very simple skincare routine, but once I found this product, I knew it was time. I have been able to completely get rid of all of my face cleansers, wipes, toners and everything to replace it with this heavenly cleanser. 

For use, you apply a few drops of this cleanser to your entire face, then wet your hands and wash your face as you normally would, with a cloth or with your hands. Like magic, every trace of your makeup disappears, dirt and grime is pulled out of your pores, and your face is left moisturized and feeling wonderful. The best part? It smells deliciously of fresh oranges! 

I have been waiting to try out the Tarte primer, BB illuminating moisturizer, and gifted amazonian clay mascara for quite some time. However, they are all very expensive and I did not want to purchase the full-sized bottle of each prior to my trying out the product. As soon as I saw this on sale, I knew I had to get it. I have to say I love every one of these products. I am planning on purchasing the full-sized BB illuminating moisturizer, and the primer in the future. I love this mascara, I just cannot find it in me to pay $19 for one tube of mascara I will have to throw away after three months of use. 

This is my new, favorite, forever moisturizer. It is the Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil. For application, there is a convenient dropper in the lid, you just need 2-3 drops, rub it around in your hands to warm it up, and gently pat it all over the face and neck. I promise, you will be in love the first time you use it. 

I have been using this moisturizer, in combination with the Josie Maran cleanser, for the past three nights and it is amazing. I noticed a difference after the first use, and I have certainly noticed an incredible improvement in my skin within the past three days. I highly recommend using the cleanser and moisturizer in combination and the only other face product you will need is a sunscreen. It's perfect! 

sample size-Sephora 100 point bonus 

sample size 

sample size 

sample size 

All of the above sample sizes are things I ordered for my mom so I don't have much to say about them. However, the Good Genes treatment is very strong, so I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin. The others are simple moisturizing creams, so I would believe they will be pretty universally okay for most people. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and my lovely Sephora haul. Have an amazing weekend and I hope to see you all back soon! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

One and a half months through the year....second round of snow

Here in Georgia, most everyone has been freaking out for the past three weeks because we have had two snow storms with one week separating them. The South is definitely not prepared nor expecting an annual snow storm, especially when it has not snowed in four years, and certainly not two in the span of three weeks. I however had no problem with missing school and getting lovely time to spend with my family and friends in the beautiful snowy weather. 

Here is my wonderful experience in the Atlanta Snowpacolypse part 2. 
I hope you enjoy!